Agency Features – northernmost and southernmost Spillman customers

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In this month’s Spillman Spotlight, we thought it would be fun to show off how diverse our customer agencies are by profiling our northernmost and southernmost customers. Located about 4,500 miles apart, these two Spillman customers face completely different sets of challenges, but agree on one thing — Spillman helps them get the information they need.

Agency Name: Kenai (KEE-nie) Police Department, Alaska
Spillman customer since: 1998
Population served:  7,100
Sworn officers: 19
Civilian employees: 9

Agency Name: Brownsville City Police Department, Texas
Spillman customer since: 2004
Population served: 150,000
Sworn officers: 218
Civilian employees: 108

What makes your city unique?

Mike Nusbaum, Dispatch Supervisor, Kenai Police Department: We’re right on the ocean and it keeps our temps mild year round.  There are mountains all around and of course, Alaska is famous for its wildlife.  This area has the best salmon fishing anywhere and people come from all over the world to fish in the summer time.  Kenai goes from a small town to major tourist area once the salmon come in.

Paul Cantu, System Administrator, Brownsville Police Department: There is a lot of citrus grown here. Almost every backyard has a lemon tree. People do a lot of farming around here, cotton, vegetables, and all sorts of things.

What kinds of public safety issues do you encounter?

Mike Nusbaum: Alaska is very active for earthquakes.  There is an active volcano right across the inlet from us. Mount Redoubt is 50 miles to the west and in 2009 it erupted. Weather and wildlife are always present and something we deal with year round.  Of course we also have the same problems as any agency with crime, drugs and other challenges that go along with any city.

Paul Cantu: Probably our biggest thing is being on the border [to Mexico]. We have a lot of law enforcement because of the drug cartels that move through and affect life here. We also have a lot of winter tourists that come down here with their RVs—we call them winter ‘Texans.’ March is probably one of the busiest times because of spring break. And, Brownsville is right on a hurricane track and they can hit very close. Because we are on the water, even if a hurricane hits 100 miles away we’ll still experience a lot of wind and water.

What is your favorite feature of the Spillman system?

Mike Nusbaum: My personal favorite [feature] is how the modules link together so I can see everything I need. I can pull up a law record and see all of the tickets someone has or if they have any warnings. That way, we don’t have someone getting the same warning for a tail light being out over and over.

Paul Cantu: I’ve always said the biggest thing is the data retrieval; everything we put in can get back really quickly. Everything is tied to the tables, and that’s what led me to Spillman.

We would like to thank Mike Nusbaum from the Kenai Police Department in Alaska and Paul Cantu from the Brownsville City Police Department in Texas for their help with this feature! Stay tuned for a future Spillman Spotlight featuring our westernmost and easternmost customers!