New Technology Needed for Claremore Police Department

The Claremore Police Department is asking for some technology upgrades. Police Chief Stan Brown said they are asking city council for a new software and computers for all patrol cars and fire trucks that total $450,000.

The system in place now is more than 14-years-old. Right now 911 dispatchers have to answer the call, hand write the information before emergency crews can be sent out, and then they can put the information in the computer.

Chief Brown said the new system would eliminate redundancy and the need to hand write down information. He said his officers are spending about 45 minutes on a two car accident writing down the information before they head back to the station to put all that information in the computer. With the new software they are asking for, Brown said it will make it easier to be out in the city.

“It will decrease our response time and decrease unnecessary driving and the mere fact that the officers are out in the field, they will be more productive because they can't see and observe things when they are setting in these four walls completely a report,” Brown said.

The system will link dispatch, police and fire together making it more efficient to be at any scene. It would give all agencies real time updates on the location they are arriving at.

Brown said the updates straight to the in car computers could be something like,”You have been to this house before on domestics the male subject has always been the aggressor.”

Besides cutting down on the time these officers have to spend at computers back at the station, another feature of the new software and computers will be E-tickets and being able to scan a drivers license which will put the information straight into a report. It will also keep statistics on the officers and any resident will be able to view the crime in their area.

“That's what we need to provide for the citizens is efficiency of service. To improve quality of life and safety and security of the City of Claremore,” Brown said.

The money to pay for the new equipment will come out of money saved from the 9-1-1 calls fund. The council is set to vote on Monday and if approved, it'll take 10 months to get it up and running.

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