Ask a Project Manager

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At Spillman, one of our main goals is to help customers implement, learn, and efficiently use their new public safety software. That is why we thought it would be fun to profile one of the faces of our dedicated and widely travelled Project Management team. For this month’s Spillman Spotlight, we talked to Troy Archer, who gives us some insight (lightly infused with typical Troy humor) into his project preparations and talks about some sweet threads from East Texas.

What is a Project Manager responsible for at Spillman?

Troy: We are responsible for guiding the implementation from the time the agency or agencies choose Spillman until they are using the software in their day-to-day production.  From the beginning, we assure that we have an understanding of the expectations of the agency and lay out the plan on how we will meet those expectations. We lay a good foundation for the project by breaking down the structure of the work and laying out an effective communication plan.  We spend a good deal of time helping agencies through the management of change.  There are some best practices that we have learned over our extensive time working in software implementations. Spillman has never failed an implementation in all the years we’ve been in business, and that won’t change on our watch.

How do you prepare for those visits when you work with agencies that are beginning to use Spillman software for the first time?

Troy: I stretch. A lot. Most Project Managers skip stretching before a big trip, but not me.  Do I overlook my quads sometimes? Yes, but I always pay for it afterwards.

Where are some of the places you have visited as you’ve traveled for projects? Do you have any personal favorite places you’ve been?

Troy: I recently had a project in Virginia where I flew in and out of DC.  During those trips I got to visit quite a few Civil War sites and see most of the main attractions in DC.  On a separate trip to East Texas I found a great thrift store with a three-piece denim suit for $4.  That was a good day.

What do you like most about your job?

Troy: A great deal of things makes Project Manager the best position in the company.  I love who I get to work with internally, the job is challenging, and our manager, Corey Roberts, has excellent taste in NFL (Denver Broncos) and MLB (Atlanta Braves) teams, although his high school roots are questionable.

What does your regular week look like?

Troy: Depending on our workload, about half the time it’s a travel week. When we travel out to an agency we typically are meeting with the project team and command staff during the day and keeping up with our other projects in our hotel rooms in the evening.

Is there anything about Project Managers that readers might be surprised to learn?

Troy: The Project Managers have an average tenure of over ten years at Spillman.

We want to thank Troy for taking time out of his busy schedule and for all the hard work Project Managers put in. They are a crucial part of establishing that close partnership we really seek with each customer!/