Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, FL

Osceola Sheriffs Office_Admin Building1

We at Spillman love to hear and share success stories, especially when they involve our customers successfully using their software systems to their full potential. As you know, the key to the success of any records management system is data. Ask any agency’s records personnel or investigator and they will probably tell you the only way to get good data out of a system is to put good data in.

On April 8, 2014, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office communications center in Kissimmee, Florida, received reports of gun shots from multiple callers. One of these callers provided the nickname “Money,” and that he was from California. While dispatched units and detectives coordinated searches on scene, Chrissy Primrose, the dispatcher who took the call that provided the nickname information, performed a nickname search in their agency’s Spillman system back at the communication center. The Spillman system allows agencies to enter and track aliases, nicknames, tattoos, and other identifying markers to assist in investigations. Because the sheriff’s office personnel are experts at entering as much information as they can in every available field, Dispatcher Primrose found the nickname and state of residence, which were tied to an existing name record in their Spillman system.

Modesty Adams, Communications Operations Manager, said this search quickly benefited this investigation.

“The detectives had an idea who [the suspect] was, but when they found out what Dispatcher Primrose learned from searching the names table, it cemented their suspicions.”

Thanks to Osceola County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers, detectives, and the effort of whomever entered the original data, “Money” and three others have since been arrested in connection to the gunshot-related homicide. If you would like to read the full news report from the sheriff’s office, click here.

We would like to offer a big thank you to Modesty Adams for passing along this success story and to Chrissy Primrose for her proactive approach in using their Spillman system.