Several Vendors Demonstrate Products at APCO (8/4/14)

Several vendors will demonstrate products and systems at the annual Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, Aug. 4 – 6.

Motorola Solutions will highlight its safer cities and thriving communities message with several demonstrations at its booth at APCO. The company will showcase its new ASTRO Project 25 (P25) network, version 7.15, with new data and situational awareness features. The company will also demonstrate the Wave product, which allows users to extend their P25 networks to devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Motorola purchased Twisted Pair and the Wave product in January.

Motorola will also have a 700 MHz public-safety broadband band 14 deployable trailer at the show. The trailer can be hitched to the back of a truck and provide a private Long Term Evolution (LTE) band 14 network where there is no infrastructure. The company will also display the VML750 band 14 vehicle modem, a rugged device that seamlessly connects to band 14 or band 13 Verizon Wireless LTE networks.

In addition to the Twisted Pair acquisition, Motorola invested in Recon Instruments, which has a product called Jet, similar to Google Glass. When a user presses an emergency button on a radio, that information with a map of the user’s location is transferred to the glasses, for example.

The manufacturer will have a theater in the center of its booth where it will show how all the information in an intelligent data portal works together. Multiple screens will display information from an incident commander’s viewpoint, a crime center operator’s perspective and from a 9-1-1 dispatcher’s view.

Zetron will demonstrate its Pathway Project 25 (P25) Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) gateway. Live Zetron Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) and MAX Dispatch console systems will demonstrate how multiple systems can use the Pathway device to connect to a single open-standards-based DFSI base station. Pathway supports up to four systems. In addition, because the gateway works with any manufacturer’s dispatch console that is P25 DFSI-compliant, it can be used with Zetron and non-Zetron solutions.

Icom America will show interoperable radio solutions at its booth with its complete P25 end-to-end systems and subscriber units, including the FR9010 series digital repeater, the F9011 series handheld and the F9511 series mobile. The subscriber units operate multimode P25 trunking, P25 conventional and analog. Additionally, the F9011 series and F9511 series are certified under the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP). The company will also be showcasing the Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS), which offers 6.25-kilohertz efficiency technology and features 15-bit digital encryption, flexible installation and advanced digital features.

TriTech Software Systems will demonstrate its Inform Suite, an enterprise-wide technology solution encompassing the entire public-safety workflow. TriTech’s Inform 911 and unified CAD+911 solution address challenges of integrating video, text and social media by providing a seamless and intuitive way for communication professionals to manage, prioritize and interact with new types of data. The APCO demonstration will showcase the company’s entire portfolio of Inform applications, including 911, CAD+911 unified solution, mobile, field reporting, records management, jail and IQ, a cloud-based search and analytics suite.

Spillman Technologies will host custom demonstrations of its integrated CAD, records management system (RMS) and mobile communication software, along with more than 40 other modules at the conference.

The CAD system will feature mapping software integrated with ESRI to track the location of incidents and units, customizable screen configurations and the ability to dispatch from the command line as well as real-time integration with Spillman’s mobile and records management solutions, and advanced searching and reporting capabilities. Other demonstrations will include the CAD Management Dashboard, the Spillman Touch module, Spillman Mobile as well as Citadex, Spillman’s new Web-based CAD, RMS and jail management product.

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) is teaming with NextNav to demonstrate the use of Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS) technology as a solution to complement primary 9-1-1 technology for the purpose of providing indoor location information to public-safety answering points (PSAPs) in emergency situations. Using NextNav’s MBS network for positioning, the companies are demonstrating provision of an indoor caller's location information to 9-1-1 call-takers. When an appropriately configured cell phone or other device places a 9-1-1 call from a community with a deployed MBS network, the caller's longitude, latitude and altitude are displayed to the 9-1-1 call-taker.

Tait Communications will demonstrate its Unified Voice system, and Tait-endorsed technology partners Avtec, Zetron and Cisco will also be at the exhibition showing their interoperability with Tait. Avtec’s Scout dispatch console is interoperability certified with Tait’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and P25 networks. Zetron will showcase the Acom console, which is also now certified on both DMR and P25 networks with Tait. And Cisco’s IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) will be demonstrated alongside Tait’s Unified Voice solution.

“As part of our vision to unify critical communications for public safety and emergency services agencies, Tait guarantees that our products are open-standards-based and undertakes formal interoperability certification with our partners to give you the assurance that we mean what we say,” said Tait Solutions Marketing Manager Russell Watson. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tait radio operating on a Cassidian network or an Avtec console on a Tait network, the end user experience is seamless.”

Catalyst Communications Technologies is demonstrating Release 6.04 of its products with Malleable Processing technology. The version allows creation of dispatch, interoperability and incident command solutions that can be redistributed across multiple processors to meet evolving requirements. Small systems can be run on a single processor or be distributed across multiple processors in multiple locations across standard IP networks, allowing resources to be reallocated as needed.

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