41 agencies purchase Spillman, 72 expand systems in Q2

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Aug. 18, 2014 – Forty-one public safety agencies purchased software from Spillman Technologies for the first time during the second quarter of 2014, joining the more than 1,200 agencies in 40 states nationwide already using Spillman software. In addition to the new agencies, 72 agencies expanded their existing Spillman systems.

The Fayette County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) in Illinois will be hosting a shared a system of seven total agencies, including the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They plan to use Spillman’s CAD and mobile software to keep field responders safe, informed, and efficient. With the Mobile Records module, personnel in the field will have instant access to agency records, including Involvements®, alerts, and warnings associated with name, vehicle, and property records. Agency vehicles will also be equipped with the Mobile State & National Queries module. Records on individuals from state and national databases can be quickly accessed and used to auto-populate reports in the field, saving personnel from having to return to headquarters to submit this information.

In Wisconsin, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office has added the CompStat Management and Community Dashboard modules to its existing Spillman system. With these modules, the agency can employ the principles of Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) to help command staff address community crime trends and determine where resources are best utilized. Agency personnel will be able to quickly see increasing or decreasing crime rates and pinpoint hotspots and vulnerable areas with the CompStat Management Dashboard. The web-based Community Dashboard will enable the agency to share incident and offense data, crime rates, and crime hotspot maps with Dane County community.

The Centreville Police Department in Michigan purchased Spillman’s web-based Citadex product during the second quarter of 2014. Department personnel will use Citadex to create name, vehicle, property, incident, offense, and arrest records, as well as generate UCR and IBR reports. Because Citadex is a web-based, or hosted, records management system, public safety and security agencies can utilize innovative software without the expense and upkeep of maintaining a database. Citadex now also offers jail management and CAD solutions.

Spillman Technologies is a leading public safety software provider headquartered in Salt Lake City, serving 1,200 sheriff’s offices, correctional facilities, police departments, communication centers, and fire departments nationwide. Since 1982, Spillman has been exclusively dedicated to creating public safety software, including Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, Personnel & Resources, and Analytics & Intelligence-Led Policing. For more information about Spillman, visit www.spillman.com.

New sales:            

·         Arkansas City Police Department, Kan.

·         Big Water Police Department, Utah

·         Brownstown Police Department, Ill.

·         Brunswick Police Department, Ga.

·         Burden Marshal's Office, Kan.

·         Centreville Police Department, Mich. (Citadex)

·         Cincinnatus Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Cortland County Department of Emergency Response and Communications, N.Y.

·         Cortland County Sheriff’s Office, N.Y.

·         Cortland Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Cortland Police Department, N.Y.

·         Cortlandville Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Costal College of Georgia PD, Ga.

·         Cowley County Sheriff's Office,                 Kan.

·         Dexter Police Department, Kan.

·         Escalante Police Department, Utah (Citadex)

·         Farina Police Department, Ill.

·         Fayette County ETSB, Ill.

·         Fayette County Marshal’s Office, Ga.

·         Fayette County Sheriff's Department, Ill.

·         Glynn County Police Department, Ga.

·         Glynn County School Police Department, Ga.

·         Glynn County Sheriff's Office, Ga.

·         Homer Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Homer Police Department, N.Y.

·         Legislative Police Department, Nev.

·         Marathon Fire Department, N.Y.

·         McGraw Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, Texas

·         New York State Police, Troop B (St. Lawrence County), N.Y.

·         Ord Police Department, Neb. (Citadex)

·         Prairie County Sheriff's Department, Mont. (Citadex)

·         Preble Volunteer Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Ramsey Police Department, Ill.

·         Saint Elmo Police Department, Ill.

·         Truxton Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Udall Police Department, Kan.

·         Vandalia Police Department, Ill.

·         Virgil Fire District, N.Y.

·         Willet Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Winfield Police Department, Kan.

Add-on sales highlights:

·         Allen County/Ft. Wayne Info Systems, Ind.

·         Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

·         Buckeye Police Department, Ariz.

·         Coeur D'Alene Police Department, Idaho

·         Dane County Sheriff’s Office, Wis.

·         Frankfort Police Department, Ind.

·         Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Ind.

·         Navajo County Sheriff's Office, Ariz.

·         Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Fla.

·         Platte County Sheriff's Office, Wyo.

New sales not previously announced:

·         Woods Cross Police Department, Utah (Q1, 2014)