45 agencies purchase Spillman, 69 expand systems in Q3

45 agencies purchase Spillman, 69 expand systems in Q3

Agencies to use Spillman for data sharing, mobile record access, and map-based analytics

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Nov. 20, 2014 – Forty-five public safety agencies purchased software from Spillman Technologies for the first time during the third quarter of 2014, joining the more than 1,200 agencies of all sizes in 40 states nationwide already using Spillman software. In addition to the new agencies, 69 agencies expanded their existing Spillman systems.

In Orange County, California, the Garden Grove Police Department (GGPD) purchased Spillman’s Records Management (RMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Mobile solutions. The GGPD will also use Spillman’s InSight and StateLink products. With InSight, department personnel will have the ability to search for information gathered by participating Spillman and non-Spillman agencies. Having access to more information will make it easier for participating departments to investigate and solve cases that cross jurisdictional lines. The StateLink module will allow officers, both in the office and in the field, to access information from state and national databases and give them the ability to query information such as warrants, stolen vehicles, missing persons, driver licenses, and criminal histories.

The Rosenberg Police Department in Texas has added Spillman’s new map-based, Intelligence-Led Policing module, Spillman Analytics®. With Spillman Analytics, department personnel can visually identify potential crime hotspots on a crime density map, allowing them to prioritize problem areas and compare criminal activity through geographic profiling and customizable date range searches. As a completely integrated module, Spillman Analytics will work within the police department’s existing Spillman system. This allows them to access the program with a single sign-on and gives them one single point for customer support.

Montana’s Broadwater County Sheriff's Department purchased the full suite of Spillman’s web-based public safety software solution, Citadex. Because data is securely stored offsite, the department can utilize the software without the expense of maintaining its own database. The RMS functionality will allow department personnel to create name, vehicle, property, incident, offense, and arrest records, as well as generate UCR and IBR reports. The web-based CAD solution allows personnel to dispatch calls with the ability to dispatch multiple units to a call, monitor and update the status of open calls, and keep dispatched units up-to-date with the newest and most important information. With the jail management feature, personnel can use an easy-to-follow inmate booking workflow to complete prisoner intake, with the ability to create complete booking and inmate records.

Spillman Technologies serves more than 1,200 sheriff’s offices, police departments, communication centers, correctional facilities, and fire departments nationwide. Spillman specializes in integrated software solutions, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, Personnel & Resources, and Analytics & Intelligence-Led Policing. For more information about Spillman, visit www.spillman.com.

New sales:            

·         Apple Canyon Fire Protection, Ill.

·         Apple River Fire District, Ill.

·         Apple River Police Department, Ill.

·         Beaufort Police Department, S.C.

·         Benson Police Department, Ariz.

·         Bluffton Police Department, S.C.

·         Broadwater County Sheriff's Department, Mont. (Citadex)

·         Brownville Police Department, Maine

·         Canoga Volunteer Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Central Wyoming College, Wyo. (Citadex)

·         Chattahoochee County Sheriff's Department, Ga. (Citadex)

·         Community Colleges of Spokane, Wash. (Citadex)

·         Covina Police Department, Calif.

·         East Dubuque Fire Department, Ill.

·         East Dubuque Police Department, Ill.

·         Elizabeth Police Department, Ill.

·         Fayetteville Fire Department, Ga.

·         Galena Police Department, Ill.

·         Garden Grove Police Department, Calif.

·         Grand Island Fire Department, Neb.

·         Hanover Police Department, Ill.

·         Huachuca City Police Department, Ariz.

·         Interlaken Police Department, N.Y.

·         Interlaken Volunteer Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Jo Daviess County ETSB, Ill.

·         Jo Daviess County Sheriff's Office, Ill.

·         New York State Park Police, Finger Lakes Region (Seneca Lake), N.Y.

·         New York State Police, Troop E (Zone 2), N.Y.

·         Nogales Police Department, Ariz.

·         North Seneca Ambulance, N.Y.

·         Northern Wyoming Community College District Police Department, Wyo. (Nova)

·         Ovid Fire Department, N.Y.

·         Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office, Maine

·         Portland Police Department, Ind.

·         Scales Mound Police Department, Ill.

·         Seneca County Office of Emergency Services & E9-1-1, N.Y.

·         Seneca County Sheriff's Department, N.Y.

·         Seneca Falls Police Department, N.Y.

·         Shoshoni Police Department, Wyo.

·         Stockton Police Department, Ill.

·         Stockton Police Department, Utah (Citadex)

·         Warren Police Department, Ill.

·         Washington Department of Agriculture – Olympia, Wash. (Citadex)

·         Washington Department of Agriculture – Yakima, Wash. (Citadex)

·         Waterloo Police Department, N.Y.

Add-on sales highlights:

·         Angola Police Department, Ind.

·         Fayetteville Police Department, GA

·         Iron County ITS, Utah

·         Kootenai County Sheriff, Idaho

·         Potter County Sheriff's Office, Texas

·         Rosenberg Police Department, Texas

·         Skagit County Data Processing, Wash.

·         Steubenville Police Department, Ohio

·         Surprise Police Department, Ariz.

·         Whitcom, Wash.

New sales not previously announced:

·         Pleasant Grove Fire Department, Utah (Q2, 2014)

·         West Unity Police Department, Ohio (Q2, 2014)