Claremore PD receives new patrol vehicles


Claremore police recently began utilizing 11 of the department’s 14 new Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicles, purchased through a lease agreement earlier this year.

City council members approved the lease purchase agreement with RCB Bank for the acquisition of the vehicles during a regular meeting on June 2. Police Chief Stan Brown said he anticipates the remaining three vehicles will be delivered sometime between now and Jan. 1.

“The vehicle upgrades are part of the phasing in of new equipment and technology,” said Brown. “Our department made a consensus to go back to the traditional black and white police car and we’ve had a lot of positive response from the public. We’re proud of that and the professional image we’re promoting as we become a more modern and more accountable department.”

The 2015-model Tahoes will replace the agency’s 11 Ford Crown Victorias, as well as three 2006 Dodge Chargers. The loan amount for the cost of the vehicles and cost to up-fit equipment totaled $531,519.80. After interest, the department will pay $510,014.82.

Brown said the vehicles are delivered directly from the Chevrolet vendor to CPD. Once received, they are sent to the city shop for a “once-over” where they receive a side number, unit number and maintenance number. Then the vehicles are sent to a vendor in Catoosa where specialized equipment is installed, including shotgun/rifle racks.

“As technology advances, we are able to install more tools to our vehicles. We’re excited about the available space these Tahoes offer as we work to implement the new technology,” said Brown.

On Nov. 1, the city council approved the purchase of 44 mobile computers for public safety vehicles from Brite Computers. The purchase will outfit police cars, animal control and some fire units with the apparatus necessary to utilize the recently-purchased Spillman Technologies software solution for CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management Solutions), and MDT (Mobile Data Terminals), said Brown.

He said the goal is to assign one computer to each officer by the beginning of the new year.

“The information (the officer inputs to his computer) is funneled into the records management system, which will allow me to retrieve data, (the council) to retrieve data, and citizens to retrieve certain amounts of data all through the system,” he said.

Brown said the department is trying to create an environment where the vehicle is truly the police officer’s office. “I think we’ve provided for (patrol officers) at least 14 really nice offices.”

With the new mounted computers, patrol officers will be able to type out incident/accident reports from their vehicle without having to drive back to the station, and the software will allow dispatchers to track the location of patrol units at all times.

“We appreciate the willingness of city council members to listen and act on our department’s needs, and we’re excited about the changes the city and its agencies are making going forward.”

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