Why Do You Want to Apply for a Grant?

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Yea! Free money! Apply for a grant! How many times do people actually give you money to do what you want to do? Does this really happen? Advertisements are all over the place that claim, “government money for just about anything you need!” Want the real story? Grants are not easy to get. You have to find the right granting agency, write a proposal, and have the time and energy to follow through. Intense labor goes into writing a grant and you may not get the grant after all. Grants are highly competitive. A good grant writer will have a library of grants they have written; and most these grants have not been funded.

Two main skills are involved in writing a grant. One is preparation or research and the other is the actual grant writing process. There are hundreds of resources in books, on the net, and in classes that will take you through the actual grant writing process. Google “grant classes” and you will be surprised at what comes up.

Don’t just sit down and start writing. That may work when you begin a novel or an essay, but a grant takes preparation. First you need to make sure your grant fits with organization and corporate goals. Then, stretch your fingers and get into the right frame of mind. Make your keyboard your friend. Read the grant instructions over and over again; you can be denied if you write too many pages or too little or leave out required information.  Highlight pertinent areas.  Research and include examples in your grant. Peer reviewers love stories. They get very bored by reading grants written in statistical formats. One grant reviewed by this writer was not particularly spectacular, but it was entertaining and full of interesting quotes and examples. They not get the award, but the grant was fun to read.

Writing grants can be highly rewarding, don’t be nervous about grants. Just give us a call for help or encouragement.

Check out grants.gov for the latest available grants. Office on Violence against Women has several open grants (boj.com).  The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program also has grants available and due within six weeks. Research your states’ grant departments to find out what is available in your state. Make sure you determine eligibility and needs. There are private and foundation grants available; research and find collaborators.

For application assistance, research and additional information about law enforcement grants, contact Spillman’s grant specialist at 800.860.8026 or email grants@spillman.com.