27 agencies purchase Spillman, 69 expand systems in Q1 of 2015

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – June 8, 2015 – Twenty-seven public safety agencies purchased software from Spillman Technologies for the first time during the first quarter of 2015, joining more than 1,400 agencies of all sizes in 41 states nationwide already using Spillman software. In addition to the new agencies, 69 agencies expanded their existing Spillman systems.

Hill Air Force Base in Utah purchased Spillman’s Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and mapping software. Call takers and dispatchers will use Spillman’s CAD and mapping capabilities to dispatch fire and EMS personnel to calls for service. Because the system is fully integrated, they will be able to easily see and notify responders to alerts on records, such as HazMat alerts, alarm locations, and other critical information, helping to ensure the safety of field personnel. Hill Air Force Base will join 133 existing Spillman customers in the state of Utah.

In Washington, the Quincy Police Department has added Spillman’s CompStat Management Dashboard to the agency’s existing Spillman system. This module will enable command staff to identify trends and patterns using information within their Spillman database. The agency will be able to see a visual representation of the health of their department by using the module to track crimes, accident rates, and traffic citations. Using the dashboard to build customizable reports, Quincy PD can compare statistics within specified locations and over specific periods of time, helping them better understand their community and how to utilize their resources.

The Powder River County Sheriff's Department in Montana purchased the RMS, CAD, and Jail modules of Spillman’s web-based software solution, Spillman Nova. Nova enables personnel to create and manage all name, property, offense, vehicle, incident, and arrest records, as well as generate and submit UCR and IBR reports.  Instead of using multiple paper logs, the agency will have all of their information in one centralized location in the cloud. In addition, Nova’s intuitive workflow and built-in reporting tools will make it easy for new users to navigate the software.  

Spillman Technologies serves more than 1,400 sheriff’s offices, police departments, communication centers, correctional facilities, and fire departments nationwide. Spillman specializes in integrated on-premises and cloud based software solutions, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, Personnel & Resources, and Analytics & Intelligence-Led Policing. For more information about Spillman, visit www.spillman.com.

New sales:            

·         Angola Fire Department, Ind.

·         Aurora Police Department, Ind.

·         Cornelius Police Department, N.C.

·         Dearborn County 911, Ind.

·         Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office, Ind.

·         El Monte Police Department, Calif.

·         Fremont Fire Department, Ind.

·         Greendale Police Department, Ind.

·         Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, Ind.

·         Helmer Fire Department, Ind.

·         Hill Air Force Base, Utah

·         Hudson Fire Department, Ind.

·         Huntsville City Schools, Ala. (Nova)

·         La Vega ISD, Texas (Nova)

·         Lawrenceburg Fire Department, Ind.

·         Lawrenceburg Police Department, Ind.

·         Metz Fire Department, Ind.

·         North Richland Hills Police Department, Texas

·         Orland Fire Department, Ind.

·         Orland Police Department, Ind.

·         Powder River County Sheriff’s Department, Mont. (Nova)

·         Round Valley Tribal Police, Calif. (Nova)

·         Salem Fire Department, Ind.

·         San Angelo Police Department, Texas

·         Steuben Township Fire Department, Ind.

·         Summerville Fire & Rescue Department, S.C.

·         West Virginia State Police – Jefferson County, W. Va.

Add-on sales highlights:

·         Baldwin Park Police Department, Calif.

·         Clearfield Police Department, Utah

·         Imperial County Sheriff, Calif.

·         Kaysville Police Department, Utah

·         Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Fla.

·         Northbrook Police Department, Ill.

·         Orem Department of Public Safety, Utah

·         Quincy Police Department, Wash.

·         Sublette County Sheriff, Wyo.

·         Ute Tribe Fish & Wildlife, Utah

New sales not previously announced:

·         Box Elder County Sheriff, Utah (Q4, 2014)

·         Catoosa Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Catoosa Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Chelsea Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Chelsea Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Claremore Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Collinsville Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Daley’s Medical Transport, Ill. (Q4, 2014)

·         Foyil Fire Protection District, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Garland Police Department, Utah (Q4, 2014)

·         Inola Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Inola Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Jacksonville State University, Ala. (Q4, 2014)

·         Limestone Fire Protection District, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Northwest Rogers County Fire Protection District, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Oak Grove Fire Protection District, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Oologa Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Oologah Talala Emergency Medical Services, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Pafford EMS, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Pine Beach Police Department, N.J. (Q4, 2014)

·         Rogers County 911, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Rogers County Sheriff’s Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Talala Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Tiawah Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Tri District Fire Protection, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Verdigris Fire Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)

·         Verdigris Police Department, Okla. (Q4, 2014)