Cache County Sheriff’s Office Celebrates 30 Years with Spillman Technologies

We at Spillman Technologies are pleased to recognize one of our earliest customers, the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, which has been a Spillman customer since July 1985. Based in Logan, Utah, the Cache County Sheriff’s Office has utilized Spillman software to serve the communities within its jurisdiction for the past three decades.

Both Cache County and Spillman have seen a great deal of growth and change over the past 30 years. The county has elected four sheriffs in that time, and, in 2004, the agency moved into a newly constructed sheriff’s office and jail complex. Additionally, the size of the Cache County force has greatly increased and, as new advances in public safety technology have developed, the agency’s use of technology has increased. Spillman Technologies has grown from a small, Logan-based business with a handful of employees to an expanding company of over 250 employees with more than 1,400 customers across the United States.


Company founder Richard Spillman commented on the growth of Cache County, which he has witnessed at close range as both the agency’s software provider and a resident of the county.

“I have watched them really blossom as an agency,” Spillman said. “They really embraced technology early and well, and they saw it as a good tool and they have implemented some really good things.”

Addressing Spillman’s close relationship with Cache County Sheriff’s Office, Spillman added, “It’s been fun that we’ve both kind of grown up together, in a sense… like best friends.”

The Cache County agency played a key role in the early days of Spillman Technologies, setting the company on the path to provide innovative software solutions to public safety agencies across the nation. Richard Spillman explained that he had been primarily focused on developing software for Cache County’s financial departments when Sheriff Doug Bodrero approached him looking for record-keeping software to implement within the sheriff’s office. While developing that software with the sheriff’s office, Spillman realized that the package they were creating could be utilized by other law enforcement agencies – without requiring major rewrites.

“That’s when we realized, that’s the ticket,” Spillman said. “That’s the product to move with.”

Adapting the financial software to meet the needs of other counties proved to be time-consuming and impractical, so Spillman decided to change direction and focus on continuing the development of public safety software instead.

Today, the sheriff’s office uses a wide range of Spillman products, including Spillman’s flagship, fully integrated Records Management System (RMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Jail, and Mobile solutions, along with a range of other customizable modules.

Thad Kunz, Spillman Applications Administrator for Cache County, mentioned prompt and reliable support as one of the benefits of using Spillman software. Because the sheriff’s office relies on its software to aid in public safety, he explained, it is important that any issues or questions be addressed quickly.

“It’s nice to be able to call and know that you’re going to have somebody you can talk to, that can help you now and not tomorrow or a week down the road,” Kunz said.

Kunz also said that he would recommend Spillman to other public safety agencies in the market for a software vendor.

“I would really recommend Spillman. It’s a good partnership,” Kunz said. “I would invite [other agencies] to come see what we do and how we use it. There’s a lot that you can do with Spillman that some [other software products] just can’t handle.”

Richard Spillman attributes a great deal of Spillman Technologies’ success to the loyalty and support of long-standing customers like the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. He stated that the people on the Cache County force are the good guys and the heroes, and that it is a great feeling to know Spillman Technologies gets to help them a little bit.

“I don’t know if Spillman Technologies ever could have become what it is today, were it not for [Cache County],” Spillman said. “They worked with us. They had confidence in us. They were patient with us. For 30 years, we have appreciated them. As a resident of Cache County, I appreciate what they do. I have great respect for that department and for those good people there.”

Spillman Technologies is very excited to reach this milestone anniversary with one of our oldest customers, and look forward to 30 more years of partnered growth and innovation.

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