Police and Fire adopt new records and mobile software

GLOBE, Ariz. – Aug. 27, 2015 – The Globe Police Department and Globe Fire Department have purchased new Records Management (RMS) and mobile software from Spillman Technologies. The two Arizona agencies selected Spillman for its timesaving computer-aided dispatching, field reporting, and data sharing capabilities and will join the shared, multi-agency system hosted by Gila County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, Gila County Sheriff’s Office has added mobile software to its existing Spillman system.

Globe Finance Director Joe Jarvis said the city was looking for a new RMS system because its previous system was unable to provide regular updates. He said the many recommendations made by the county and other Spillman agencies throughout the state made the choice to switch providers a little easier to make.

“We’ve heard many good things about Spillman,” he said. “Now, our first responders can be confident in the information they’re looking at and using to do their job. In the end, it was an easy decision to make.”

Jarvis said the other main selling point for the city council was the ability for the Globe Police and Fire departments to share in a system with Gila County Sheriff’s Office. With a truly integrated system, personnel can work from the same data simultaneously.

“Being on Spillman will allow our officers access to the information dispatch has on their system,” Jarvis added, “enabling them to arrive at an incident prepared with the information they need.”

Sarah White, chief administrator at Gila County Sheriff’s Office, agreed that being on the same system for software, radio, and dispatching will improve response time, ensure accurate data, and help keep first responders safe by allowing all agencies access to the same information.

“We are a small community and sometimes our officers are backing each other up, but there’s always a lag time if you’re not on the same system. Now there won’t be that lag time,” White said. “Also, sometimes, the people committing the crimes in the city are also committing crimes throughout the county. If we aren’t using the same software, a lot of those little details can get lost.”

Gila County Sheriff Adam Shepherd added the merger was not only an advantage from a software point of view, but also from a financial standpoint. He said consolidating efforts helps taxpayers save money because the money goes further when it’s invested in a collaborative effort.

“Citizens can know that we’re investing in systems that work together, which maximizes their investment dollars,” Sheriff Shepherd said. “We’re trying to be as efficient and effective with their money as we can be. People want to know you’re catching the bad guys and putting out the fires. But this way you’re also being a better steward of their money.”

Both Sheriff Shepherd and White said they were excited to integrate the mobile software into their current Spillman system. Sherriff Shepherd said part of modern policing is trying to automate the routine duties that take up valuable time. He said agencies must have a combination of personnel and technology to get all the necessary tasks done.

“We have to figure out ways of saving time over the radio because it’s becoming more and more of a precious commodity,” Sheriff Shepherd said. “Whether you’re a few cops short or not, the work still has to be done. You’ve got to figure out ways of making those people stretch further and further.”

The Globe agencies are now two of 71 agencies using Spillman software throughout Arizona. Gila County Sheriff’s Office has been a Spillman customer since 1999.

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