Keeping the Tradition Alive: Wyoming Agencies Celebrate 30 Years with Spillman

Spillman Technologies entered the world of public safety software service more than 30 years ago. Along the way, we’ve encountered thousands of agencies across the nation whose personnel are working hard to protect and serve their communities. We would like to give special recognition to two agencies who joined us at the beginning of our journey and helped bring about the products now central to Spillman.

Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Office (Wyo.) and Thermopolis Police Department (Wyo.), both signed on with Spillman Technologies in October 1985. Located near the heart of the state and home to the Hot Springs State Park, these agencies serve a collected population of 5,000 citizens.

Thermopolis PD Chief Steven Shay said that computer usage was still relatively new to law enforcement at the time his agency signed on, and there were not very many software companies around that specialized in public safety.

“Spillman had somewhat of a monopoly, at least in the Rocky Mountain area, for law enforcement software application at that time,” Shay said. “Really, they were ground-breakers.”

Shay said using the same software for the past three decades has ensured a stability in their data which would have been difficult to keep otherwise.

“There’s that continuity,” he said. “Data that we collected on day one is in the same software program today that it was 30 years ago.”

Since Thermopolis PD and Hot Springs County SO signed on the same day, both agencies have been able to share this journey not only with Spillman Technologies, but with each other.

Cindy Magelky, Spillman Application Administrator at Hot Springs County SO, said both agencies have access to all data because they are part of a joint law enforcement center. She said the shared system helps them know everything that is going on in the community.

“Everyone knows what’s going on with each call and who is handling what, which helps us to work together better overall,” Magelky said.

Shay agreed that sharing data between the agencies has helped investigations run smoother and faster.

“When something happens out in the county, we might have a similar incident in town,” he said. “When we share that information, it’s easier for us to see when we have some related activities.”

Magelky said it’s been exciting to see all the new software modules Spillman has created over the last 30 years. However, she said the reliable customer service is really what has made it easy to stay with the same software provider for so long.

“Spillman has always provided us great customer service that is responsive to our needs,” Magelky said. “Any time we’ve had an issue or a problem and we’ve contacted them, they’ve worked hard to solve the issue in a timely manner.”

Lance Clark, CEO of Spillman Technologies, said that the company has always had a solid focus on customer satisfaction, which in turn has shaped the strong and long lasting relationships Spillman shares with agencies across the country.

“We really try and focus on providing excellent customer service,” he said. “I think that’s why we enjoy such a great customer retention rate and why we’re celebrating 30 years with customers like Hot Springs County and Thermopolis. These long-term agencies are really the heart of Spillman.”

Because the two Wyoming agencies were among Spillman’s first customers, many of today’s best practices and procedures were still in the trial phase and, training was not as robust when they initially signed on, Magelky said.

“We had to learn by trial and error 30 years ago,” she said. “We just kept working and they kept working to make the product better for us.”

Magelky said other software vendors that have come along trying to win the agency over can’t promise that same customer satisfaction, and that she can’t imagine ever transferring all the data the agency has collected over the years.

“We’ve worked way too long and hard in 30 years to try and switch over from a good database that works for people,” she said. “I really am a believer in what Spillman has done and how well they take care of us.”

Shay agreed that Spillman is able to maintain customers so well because it offers a solid product and is responsive to customers’ needs.

“As long as you can provide a satisfactory service and product, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” he said.

Spillman Technologies is excited to celebrate this momentous accomplishment with two of our most long-standing customers and friends. We look forward to many more years of providing reliable customer service and innovative products for customers across the nation.