A 30-Year Partnership: Uinta County Sheriff’s Office Marks Milestone Anniversary with Spillman

Spillman Technologies has been providing software solutions to public safety agencies for more than 30 years and has built relationships with hundreds of outstanding agencies across the country. A few of the customers that especially stand out are those who signed with Spillman in its early days and have remained loyal partners ever since, such as Uinta County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary with Spillman.

The Uinta County agency, based in Evanston, Wyoming, signed with Spillman on December 31, 1985, becoming the fourth public safety agency to adopt the company’s on-premises system now known as Flex. Uinta County Lead Dispatcher and Spillman Applications Administrator Chris Lamb explained that the software system impacts every facet of the agency’s work within the community.

“We use everything from Jail, CAD, Fire, EMS, Law and Records every day,” Lamb said. “We rely on our system for every aspect of providing services to our communities. Not having the reliability of a comprehensive database would affect how well we could provide those services.”

Lamb, who began her career at the sheriff’s office in 1987, explained that the Spillman system used by the agency has grown over the years as new developments have been made in public safety technology. The agency now has more than 25 integrated Flex modules and interfaces, which help personnel accomplish tasks ranging from dispatch and mapping to personnel and inventory management. The agency most recently added Spillman’s InSight module and XML Accident and Citation Interfaces. InSight allows the agency to share data with other nearby agencies, whether those agencies use Spillman software or not, while the two XML interfaces enable the Spillman software to communicate directly with other platforms used by the sheriff’s office.

Because all modules in the Flex system are fully integrated, Uinta County personnel are able to view relationships between data such as name, property, and incident records. This capability allows agency personnel to recognize connections and trends within the community, such as repeat offenses or calls to a particular address, and to be better prepared when entering potentially dangerous situations.

“We love the functionality of seeing all of the related information on any person or property,” Lamb said. “Officer safety is a high priority, and Spillman is a great product that provides this.”

Uinta County personnel have been entering and maintaining records in the same database for more than three decades, which means personnel can draw upon 30 years’ worth of integrated data to understand the needs of the community they serve.

“The fact that we have 30 years of records on events and people in our county has given us the ability to have more insight into our communities,” Lamb said. “We are able to provide a more rounded set of services to the community. If we had used other software over the years, we would have lost all of that history.”

The sheriff’s office not only hosts 30 years’ worth of its own data, but also data for two other public safety agencies in the community. Evanston Police Department, which signed with Spillman in 1989, and Uinta County Fire District, which signed in 2007, both utilize the database hosted by the sheriff’s office as part of a shared system. This multi-jurisdictional arrangement allows the three agencies to easily share data and identify related activities and patterns that may cross jurisdictional lines.

Spillman is very excited to celebrate this milestone anniversary with one of our original public safety customers. We look forward to another 30 years of partnered growth and innovation.

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