Uinta County Sheriff’s Office marks 30-year anniversary with software provider

EVANSTON, Wyo. – Jan. 25, 2016 – Uinta County Sheriff’s Office celebrated 30 years with its public safety software provider, Spillman Technologies, in December. The county signed with Spillman on Dec. 31, 1985, and the sheriff’s office now hosts a shared software system that is used by multiple public safety agencies in the county.

Uinta County has now been utilizing Spillman’s on-premises software system for more than three decades, adding information to a single, expanding database. With this software continuity, the agency has not had to worry about gaps in its record history that can occur when agencies transition from one software system to another. Having a complete record history has helped personnel build solid and complete analytical reports.

“The fact that we have 30 years of records on events and people in our county has given us the ability to have more insight into our communities,” Spillman Application Administrator Chris Lamb said. “We are able to provide a more rounded set of services to all the individuals and businesses we provide services to.”

Lamb, who also serves as the lead dispatcher, began working for Uinta County in 1987 and emphasized that remaining with the same software vendor for such a long time and building on years’ worth of data has helped the agency to better understand and serve those in their jurisdiction.

“If we had used other software over the years, we would have lost all of that history,” Lamb said.

After the sheriff’s office adopted Spillman software, other public safety agencies in Uinta County followed suit. Evanston Police Department, which signed with Spillman in 1989, and Uinta County Fire District, which signed in 2007, are now on a shared, multi-jurisdictional system hosted by Uinta County Sheriff’s Office. Utilizing one shared system allows the agencies to work together in identifying related activities and patterns that may cross jurisdictional lines.

As public safety technology has evolved and as the needs of Uinta County have changed, the software used by the three agencies has also evolved and expanded. The on-premises system used by the sheriff’s office now includes more than 25 integrated modules, including the recent addition of Spillman’s InSight module and XML Accident and Citation Interfaces. InSight allows the agency to share data with other nearby agencies, whether those agencies use Spillman software or not. The two XML interfaces save time by enabling Uinta County’s Spillman software to communicate directly with other platforms used by the agency.

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