Sunland Park City PD goes live with Spillman web-based product

New Mexico agency chooses Spillman software for comprehensive database and ease of use

SUNLAND PARK CITY, N.M. – Dec. 15, 2016 – Sunland Park City Police Department went live with Spillman Technologies’ web-based system, Nova, on August 1. The agency is utilizing Nova’s comprehensive Records Management (RMS) and mobile capabilities to streamline its data entry and case management processes. Sunland Park City PD is the sixth agency in New Mexico to adopt the Nova product, bringing the total number of Spillman agencies in the state to 22.

The southern New Mexico agency has 24 sworn officers and serves a community of more than 13,000. Agency personnel now utilize Nova’s all-in-one RMS platform to create complete and accurate reports that are easily accessed from any device using an internet browser. Police Chief Jaime Reyes said that the software’s mobility and ease of use was one of the first things that caught his attention when he saw his first demonstration of Nova.

“It’s very cop-friendly” Reyes said. “It definitely does not take a rocket scientist to work it. With the basic knowledge of computer systems, you can really get into it and use a lot. By the third or fourth report, the officers seemed like they were experts at it.”

Nova allows agencies to track and manage various records, such as name, property, and incident records, storing all agency data in one centralized database. The software also provides a simple way to connect records to one another, helping personnel easily identify relationships within the data. Chief Reyes said having one system that can give the officers all the functionality they need in one place will help improve the processes at the agency.

“If you use it properly, it feels like it’s a one-stop-shop,” he said.

Previously, the agency had been using Priors through Doña Ana County for their records management needs. Reyes said, although the setup made it so the police department did not have to pay for the system, they also were not getting the same kind of service that the other agencies were. When issues arose, Sunland Park City PD did not know where to go and the issues could go on for a while before they were resolved.

“We had been having problems for the last two years,” he said. “This year it finally just became too much and it was a scramble trying to find something that really worked for us and that we wouldn’t have to put a lot of maintenance into.”

Reyes said Nova fulfilled the needs of the agency both by being an intuitive platform that requires less worry and help from IT, as well as by providing a truly paperless process for agency personnel.

“I think this is a true paperless records management system,” he said. “I know from working with Priors for the past 13 years, it was supposed to be a completely paperless system but it never really was.”

Nova’s simplistic and cloud-based capabilities make it more suitable to smaller agencies across the country. Reyes said he has already seen a difference in the department from the officers using Nova’s mobile and reporting capabilities to their fullest extent.

“I think for small departments like ours, you know, 30 officers or less, I think it’s a good system,” he said. “I think people will like it.”

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