Security Technology – State of the Industry

The ASIS 2017 Seminar and Exhibition brought security industry leaders from all over the world together in Dallas. Vendors displayed their cutting-edge products and speakers addressed some of the latest security trends. Among the many topics on the minds of security leaders, three stood out at the conference: monitoring, crowd management and terrorism, and mobility.


While monitoring technology is not a new idea, the demands on security monitoring operations are more pressing than ever before. Security professionals need to monitor sites and people quickly and efficiently to scan for potential threats. This is done through several means, such as cameras and camera integrations, facial recognition software, ID cards, gates, and checkpoints. Some of these technologies are not new, but security vendors are furthering development on all of them to meet increasing demands.

Crowd Management & Terrorism

With large acts of terrorism dominating news cycles, security operations are looking to prevent and contain these events any way they can. Security professionals need the ability to control and observe the hazards that large crowds create. They employ scanners, revolving doors, facial recognition, abandoned object detection, sound recognition, and push alerts to help identify, neutralize, and isolate potential threats. These technologies are all evolving so security operations can use them to keep their facilities safe.


The rise in ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has led many security vendors to create apps that enable the receipt and transfer of vital security information, wherever security officers might be located. Since there is no real substitute for having eyes on the scene, being able to relay information from anywhere at any time has never been more important. Developing and improving apps for every technology is a high priority for the entire security industry.

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