Spillman Flex is Still Evolving

By Jessica Barker

The technology available today does not take a break when it comes to development and innovation. Engineers are constantly pushing for better, faster, and more efficient solutions. Public safety software can’t be any different. Having a law enforcement software option that is both innovative today and has a clear future vision to evolve with emerging technology is essential in keeping up with the demands of today’s average community.

That’s where your agency’s software vendor comes into play. Is the company regularly providing new technology? As the technology evolves, is it positively affecting your workflow processes? Will it be able to handle the new challenges your agency might be facing? These are the type of questions Spillman Flex product leaders keep in mind as they produce software updates to fit the needs of customer agencies today, as well as the challenges they could face in the future.

For example, calls for service have started to evolve past a simple telephone call. Community members today need the ability to receive the same emergency aid by sending a text, image, or even video message to a Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP. That’s why the team behind Flex continues to work to make sure the software complies with Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). For example, Geographic Information System, or GIS, technology plays a major role with routing calls in NG9-1-1 systems. The Flex team has already taken advantage of GIS technology by using the same principles to validate location and route calls to the appropriate dispatcher and recommend the proper response.

Another way that Flex continues to evolve is through new Clery initiatives. Now, more than ever, communities demand that their colleges and universities be transparent and disclose campus crime statistics, which means that campus law enforcement teams need software that is up to current Clery standards. The new Flex Clery Reporting module allows you to quickly identify and track Clery-reportable offenses without moving over to a different system. This helps streamline the process of creating an annual safety report because it generates all the data that is required by the Clery Act. It also includes comprehensive audit tools to help you make modifications or corrections before submitting the report.

In addition, the Flex software has also evolved its reporting capabilities through the new Incident Based Reporting (IBR) module. Streamlining the reporting process has become even more important since the FBI’s announcement in 2016 that the UCR Program would transition to an IBR-only data collection process by the beginning of 2021. Although this change brings along many benefits, it could also require a lot of workflow changes for many agencies. That’s why the Flex team has developed the IBR module, which helps users know what information needs to be captured and recorded correctly by highlighting any required fields. The software will also display an error message if a user tries to submit a state report that is not complete.

Finally, the Flex system has evolved over the years to provide continuous updates to the user experience. When it comes to public safety, time is of the essence. Having software that is easy to navigate and is specifically designed for law enforcement makes all the difference. With an updated user interface that gives the software a cleaner and more modern feel, Flex allows personnel to minimize time spent navigating the software and access critical data more quickly. These updated designs also bring added functionality such as saved views, custom columns, and even more robust sorting and filtering options.

To keep up with the times, public safety technology must evolve and incorporate new designs, best practices, and up-to-date functionality. In addition to well-established benefits such as central database integration, robust searching, multi-jurisdictional capabilities, and renowned support, Flex continues to evolve and add innovation and new functionality for customers nationwide. To see a closer look into the evolution of Flex and how it can benefit an agency like yours, visit spillman.com/still-evolving.