Infographic: There’s More to Consider

When it comes to choosing a public safety software solution for your agency, there are many factors that should influence your decision. Perhaps you are using a vendor that has been there since the beginning, but isn’t keeping up with new advances in the public safety software industry. Maybe the company is new to the party and offers really low rates, but hasn’t quite established themselves as a reliable industry leader. Vendors can promise the idea of a perfect system, but that doesn’t mean they will deliver.

The truth is, when it comes to choosing a new software solution, there are a lot of options to consider. You need to determine the unique needs and pain points of your agency before you can make any conclusions about which software provider is right for you. In the midst of dozens of companies vying for your business, sometimes it takes going back to basic software essentials to discover which organization will work the best for you, as well as grow and adapt to your agency as needed.

There’s more to consider than just speed and functionality, or novelty and price. Look for a software suite that can offer you the bigger picture, with a solid view for the future and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Spillman Flex has spent the past 35 years evolving to become the public safety software provider that changes the way you look at not only your software’s functionality, but also your relationship with your vendor. We have compiled the many benefits that set Flex apart as the superior choice for public safety software.

See the full infographic below to read more about what a truly comprehensive software solution looks like.