How Mobile Intelligence is Improving Officer Safety

Whether you’re exiting your vehicle, entering a building, knocking on a door, or engaging with a citizen, you have essentially entered the unknown because you do not know who or what you are dealing with. Your safety and the safety of those you serve are your first priorities. Fortunately, you have your mobile device relaying real-time information and alerts before you even arrive on the scene.

Mobile products provide relevant and constantly updated information to law enforcement personnel regarding the address of the call, which units are nearby, quickest routes, and any alerts on the location or people involved. This rapid dissemination of information is vital to keeping both officers and community members safe. Critical access to important details, alerts, and tactical updates boosts situational awareness and increases officer safety and productivity.

For public safety officials, it is crucial to capture the most complete and accurate information possible when they arrive at the scene of an incident. Mobile police software provides remote access to forms and templates needed to gather data efficiently and correctly. Officers can submit incident reports in mobile units while details are still fresh instead of having to return to the station. This means officers spend more time out in the community and less time at a desk. That data is then saved and immediately made available to other users.

Mobile intelligence like voice communications, immersive data applications, and robust security capabilities help dispatchers and responders work safer and smarter, improving decision-making capabilities in real time. Mobile software solutions help officers serve the public more effectively. A managed mobility solution is highly secure and reliable, and frees up time for front-line police to spend more time in their communities where they’re needed most. Law enforcement communications solutions increase an officer’s contextual awareness, accelerate responsiveness, improve decision-making, and assist in making cities safer.

Spillman Flex’s Mobile software is designed to bring the benefits of full-system integration to personnel in the field. Officers are able to access agency records, follow CAD activity, and file reports all without having to make a trip back to the office. This enables law enforcement personnel to increase their visibility in the community while also shortening call response time. Flex offers unparalleled access to critical data when and where it’s needed most.

After an officer arrives on a scene, they need access to any and all crucial information in order to gain a comprehensive view of the situation. Flex provides access to all dispatch data, jail records, and images and vehicle information, from a single, centralized database. Field personnel are able to quickly view existing alerts and notifications on records when they run driver licenses or vehicle information to help them make more informed decisions.

Mobile intelligence also largely benefits dispatch personnel and administrators. Command staff can access vital information like addresses, cross streets, hazards, updated call comments, which units are responding to a call, as well as weather, premises, and hazmat information, all from a single screen. In addition, dispatchers can see the location, status, and contact information of responding units. They can also view the quickest route to an incident, access building schematics and live camera feeds, and identify locations for staging units or setting up perimeter boundaries. With unit tracking capabilities and the ability to see real-time location information, dispatchers are better able to make more informed decisions regarding which units to send to an incident and when they need to request the help of nearby officers.

Flex Mobile is built to provide support to a wide variety of users utilizing a simple, intuitive system with easy navigation. Input and suggestions from real users help shape the system into the most effective tool for police and sheriff field personnel. Having access to mobile data through a variety of mobile devices gives officers easy-to-use, interactive templates for documenting crimes and incidents. Standardized tools help to reduce errors and eliminate legibility problems that can come from handwritten reports. Accessing critical call information in real time also frees up radio frequencies while increasing efficiency and data integrity.

With mobile intelligence solutions, officers no longer have to rely on radios in order to quickly access records and time-sensitive call information. Being able to receive critical details while still in your vehicle prior to responding at an incident is a valuable asset, and now that asset can fit in the palm of your hand.