Grab a Sneak Peek of Summit 2018!

Summit will be here before you know it and we’re so excited to see everyone. With four days of comprehensive training, a slew of attendee-favorite events, and ample networking opportunities, Summit 2018 is shaping up to be the best users’ conference yet! Everyone will get to experience a new venue this year at The Grand America and Little America hotels in Salt Lake City, Utah. A beautiful and vibrant city, Salt Lake City combines unparalleled access to natural recreation, a bustling economy, dynamic nightlife, remarkable history, and warm hospitality. Since our conference will take place in November, you may even get to witness Utah’s trademark “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Because there’s only a month left to go until Summit and because we have so many new attendees, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our new conference location and its host city. Watch the 360° video below to get a glimpse of the host hotels, downtown Salt Lake City, and amazing views of the surrounding valley. Visit our Summit website to learn more about this awesome city and discover new places to visit or eat at during your time here.