Introducing the New Command Center Software User Forum

When you have questions or issues that arise at your agency, who do you go to? What if you are trying to engage more of your end users with certain software components? What if it’s not an issue with the system as much as an issue with your agency’s processes? Having a trusted opinion from someone who understands your needs as a public safety agency can make all the difference when these type of questions arise. That’s where the new Software User Forum for Motorola Solutions’ command center software suite, CommandCentral, comes into play.

This platform, specifically designed for Motorola Solutions’ software customers, such as those using Spillman Flex, will provide user groups a unified place to share questions, advice, and ideas with other agencies from across the nation. Because sometimes the best help an agency can receive is from a fellow agency.

Currently, many Spillman Flex user groups are doing a majority of their communication through email threads, which can prove cumbersome to search discussions after the fact. With the new Software User Forum, you can easily streamline and consolidate conversations by going online to have a discussion with other agencies in your user group and even upload files, links, and other attachments to better share ideas and processes.

When you visit the Software User Forum, you can see overall messages and posts that are applicable to all user groups on the main page, making it easy for you to interact with other agencies outside of your state or regional user group. This space would be a perfect opportunity to talk about events such as Summit since every Motorola Solutions software customer is invited to attend the annual conference.

By selecting the “Subgroups” page, you’ll be able to navigate to your agency’s specific user group page. There, you’ll be able to see updates and posts specifically for your user group. This page will be the best way to stay up-to-date on everything pertaining to your agency. Each subgroup has its own “Calendar” and “Files” tabs, giving user groups a simple way to keep things organized. For example, using the Calendar option, you can quickly see when your agency’s next user group will be meeting and where. If your agency was unable to attend the last user group meeting because of travel constraints or scheduling conflicts, you might be able to find a link to the recorded webinar under the Files tab. We hope each user group will take advantage of these features and truly optimize their subgroup page to best fit the needs of their agencies.

Another primary goal of the Software User Forum is to foster discussion and ideas between agencies, regardless of whether they are in the same user group or not. With the new platform, users do not have restricted access; any user can visit the page of another user group. This will allow you to see what other agencies throughout the country are up to and how they are best utilizing their Spillman Flex systems and other Motorola Solutions products. Each page, including the main page, also has a Q&A tab. You can utilize this feature to post questions or provide feedback and insight into questions that other people have posted. This will probably be one of the easiest ways to interact with other agencies outside of your own user group.

By utilizing this forum to streamline communication and share ideas, many agencies can benefit by gaining insight into how other public safety departments are finding solutions to problems that their own agency might also be facing. We are excited to offer this new platform to all current user groups and hope that it will also spark additional user groups as customers across the CommandCentral software suite see the benefits of collaborating with other public safety agencies.

To learn more about the Software User Forum for all of Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral software suite users, contact your Customer Success Manager.