What to Expect with CommandCentral Jail

Since 1990, agencies across the nation have relied on the team behind Spillman Flex to bring reliable innovation to their correctional facilities with an integrated jail management system (JMS). Throughout decades of dedicated research and design to create a product that truly fits the needs of agencies, the Spillman Flex JMS was constantly evolving and transforming to bring what agencies use today for booking, housing, medical, commissary and more. Now, the Flex JMS has been transformed once again into CommandCentral Jail, providing all of the same functionality as Flex JMS, but now with even more integrations with other solutions.

This means that Flex Jail customers get to maintain the familiarity of their existing user interface and functionality with incremental improvements simply being made over time. With this transition, there are multiple components of Flex Jail that are being given an even stronger emphasis now in this universal jail solution.

Officer-Oriented Design

Correctional facilities have often required officers to wear multiple hats and complete functions across the entire workflow. With the increase in jail populations combined with the ever-present challenge to keep up with staffing, this problem has only escalated. The last thing your correctional facility needs is to worry about the software not keeping up or adding inefficiencies. When you have to work across the jail from intake to booking to housing and to release, you need a system that can also work across those same workflows, saving you login time and eliminating multiple data entry points.

Although Flex Jail has always been designed with the end-user in mind, this new design philosophy around the product will ensure that each update or new feature is done with the intent to simplify your workflow as a corrections officer, regardless of which task you may be completing in the jail.

Built to Integrate

We know that being able to work within a single workflow is essential to creating the most efficient process for everyone at your correctional facility. Which is why the robust integration abilities that have set Spillman Flex software apart for more than three decades isn’t going anywhere with the transition to the CommandCentral Jail name. Just as you have in the past, you can pull over information from your Flex records management system (RMS) or a neighboring agency’s RMS to make sure that you have all the pertinent information about an inmate. The more information you have, the more context you have for interactions with that inmate, resulting in a smoother, safer experience for everyone.

In addition, integration between your RMS and JMS significantly speeds up the intake process, making sure everyone is focused on the job at hand and not updating records that could have automatically been filled out with the right process in place. In the same vein, the true integration found in Spillman Flex and now in CommandCentral Jail can speed up the release process after an inmate has completed their sentence.

Completely Secure

Criminal Justice Information (CJI) data is critical to providing you the information you need to protect your community, and securing it properly is critical to preserving civil liberties. The same care and consideration that went into securing Flex Jail is being applied to CommandCentral Jail. This familiar system with a new face can help you meet CJIS security requirements through various safeguards. For example, CommandCentral Jail uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for data encryption as it is shared over public networks. All access to and protection of your data is controlled by your correctional agency through parameters you set. Audit logs help you know who is accessing what and when so that your administrators can ensure the system is being used only for the intended purposes by those with the correct authorization. Keeping track of these happenings also helps you know if or where additional training might be needed in the event that certain data entry standards are not being followed. Like with Flex Jail, even in a multi-agency setting, you can use partitioning and detailed permissions to ensure that only the data you want is being shared out to neighboring agencies.

Evolve Effortlessly

One aspect of the software philosophy that should be familiar to Flex Jail users is the dedication to continuous innovation backed by customer feedback. Although the new Jail product will continually be evaluated for ways to improve, it will be based around the idea of evolution, not revolution, meaning that your agency can make the necessary changes with the software at your own pace to ensure wide-spread adoption and overall comfort with the product. Motorola Solutions is excited to leverage the cloud and agile development, but only based on a constant feedback loop from customer agencies across the country. This enables adoption of new innovation capabilities in a more manageable, less intrusive way and helps us meet your facility’s changing needs in a manner that maximizes the overall return on investment by making incremental changes on the solutions and workflows that your users are already familiar with.

Your Feedback is Critical – Join the BETA User Group

Spillman Flex Jail spent decades being built off of consistent customer feedback and suggestions and CommandCentral Jail will be no different. If you want to join the effort in creating a solid product that fulfills the needs of agencies like yours across the nation, join our CommandCentral Jail BETA User Group. This will allow you to be among the first to see new features and functionality as they are developed and provide direct feedback to our teams. You can join the group by contacting Chad Esplin at chad.esplin@motorolasolutions.com.