Summit 2019 Recap and Saying “So Long” to

Our annual users’ conference, Summit 2019, wrapped up two weeks ago. It was another great conference where we were able to show customers some of the newest capabilities being offered today and in the future for their Spillman Flex software, as well as features available to them with Motorola Solutions’ integrated, unified CommandCentral software suite. In case you weren’t able to attend, below are some of the highlighted features now available to Spillman Flex customers.

Available Now

First up is CommandCentral Community. CommandCentral Community represents the evolution of all of the community engagement capabilities offered with Motorola Solutions. This next-generation solution naturally integrates with other CommandCentral solutions to optimize the two-way flow of communication between agencies and their communities.

With the announcement, Motorola Solutions also launched a centralized public-facing web page for all non-emergency public safety interactions: consolidates community-facing crime mapping, tipping, camera registration, agency pages and non-emergency reporting into one, easy-to-find location. With a single and simple citizen workflow, we hope to maximize engagement and allow agencies like yours an easier way to empower their communities to connect and help solve crime.

As part of the CommandCentral evolutionary platform, Spillman Flex Records is getting additional cloud-based features, including the ability to add and modify narratives. Agencies can create and access existing narratives from the incident record to provide users with greater flexibility for where they do their work. Any information entered or changed into narratives from the incident record is automatically synced with your on-premises system.

Another cloud-based feature available to Spillman Flex customers is Unified Search. Unified Search introduces an easier, quicker way to find the information you need. Utilizing a familiar free-text search bar, you can simply type in a name, case number, vehicle or other query and receive the most relevant results from across your records system. These new cloud-based features come in addition to previously-delivered capabilities that connect Spillman Flex customers to the cloud, such as data backup and restore, the consolidated incident record and records-evidence integration through CommandCentral Vault. 

Through these enhancements, Spillman Flex customers continue to see cloud-enabled features that seamlessly connect to their existing on-premises solutions in a way that helps them extract the most value from previous investments by taking an evolutionary approach to deploying cloud technologies.

Spillman Flex customers also using CommandCentral Jail learned of new enhancements to the jail management system, including event management and intake workflow. Event management eliminates redundant, time-consuming data entry while scheduling inmate activities. The new event management experience not only simplifies event creation but it also makes it easier for your officers to understand their day and complete tasks efficiently and safely. The intake workflow solution digitizes the intake process in order to help expedite offender processing and gets officers back out on the streets faster. This new form pulls data from arrest information and existing records to minimize data entry while reducing risk of error from the manual transfer of written forms.

So Long to an Old Friend

We’re excited for the new features and enhancements coming to not only Spillman Flex modules but the other CommandCentral solutions as well. In this time of exciting changes and looking forward, we are announcing the end of the website.

The teams behind Spillman Flex are, and always will be, proud to develop, train and support the Spillman Flex solution. Throughout its 35 years of industry leadership, Spillman Flex has grown as a reliable and innovative solution for more than 2,000 public safety agencies nationwide. Now, as part of Motorola Solutions’ trusted and unified CommandCentral software suite, Flex has the opportunity to expand, innovate and integrate at a rate never seen before. You can still find all of the same information from the site on Check out some of the new Spillman Flex pages below.

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