Company History

First Building2 1982-1983
First known as Spillman Data Systems, the company opened its doors for business in 1982 at this Logan location.

Imagine a software package in the early 1980s that public safety agencies could use to track 9-1-1 calls, map emergency situations, and trace dispatched units in real time. Imagine software that pulled information from one central database, helping law enforcement agencies eliminate wasted time and effort from entering data in multiple databases. Imagine that three decades ago, this software also allowed anyone in an agency, from the police chief to the patrol sergeant, the dispatcher to the mobile patrol unit, and the records clerk to the investigator, to extract information on cases, people, property, and incidents in real time, knowing the information he or she received was the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

More than 30 years ago, Spillman Technologies’ founder Richard Spillman not only imagined this, he created it.

Richard Spillman developed the original idea for Spillman Technologies while completing a senior project for a computer science course at Utah State University. The assignment was to design a tax roll and budgetary accounting system for Cache County, Utah. While collaborating with county officials, he learned that one of the county’s additional needs was for a law enforcement software program to manage records and information electronically. Richard realized that the need for reliable public safety software was not unique to Cache County—it was industry-wide. In 1978, the idea for Spillman Technologies was born.

In 1983, Spillman released its first public safety software package in cooperation with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office in Logan, Utah. Throughout the next three decades, the company continued to develop and refine software solutions that encompass the most critical aspects of public safety agency operations, including records management (RMS), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile data and field reporting, and more.

In November of 2016, Motorola Solutions acquired Spillman Technologies and pulled its flagship product, Spillman Flex, into Motorola Solutions’ new Command Center Software portfolio. This end-to-end software suite provides a unified, intuitive experience and intelligent capabilities designed specifically for the needs of public safety. Flex’s reputation for complete integration and high flexibility, as well as the Spillman Flex team’s extensive industry experience, became an ideal addition into Motorola Solutions’ vision for its public safety software offerings.

Spillman Technologies moved to its seventh and current location in Salt Lake City in 2006. In early 2018, Motorola Solutions moved its surrounding employees into this building to create the company’s largest software hub in the United States.