Lance Clark 2015 WebLance Clark
General Manager

Lance Clark joined Spillman Technologies in 1997 as a field sales representative and worked his way through sales management to the appointment of Company President and CEO in 2006. While at Spillman, he has held a variety of positions, including Vice President for Sales and Marketing, National Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Account Sales Executive. During his management, Mr. Clark has led the company’s growth to an unprecedented increase of more than 320 percent in sales, and he has facilitated the growth of the customer base to include more than 1,500 public safety agencies from around the country just nine years later in 2015. Before joining Spillman, Mr. Clark was an Account Manager for ICON Health & Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of fitness equipment in the world. With more than 10 years of sales experience and a background in business information systems, his knowledge of corporate operations and the successful development of software technology make him a model leader for Spillman’s day-to-day operations. Mr. Clark’s primary role is to maintain Spillman’s high standards for reliable products and quality customer service. He will continue to play an integral role in aligning operations with the company ideals, preparing Spillman for continued growth, and securing the company’s dominance in the public safety market. He and his wife, Kris, have two children.

Chris Kellett 2015 WebChris Kellett
Director of Finance

Chris Kellett joined Spillman Technologies in 2013 as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to joining Spillman, Mr. Kellett held accountant and controller positions in the banking industry. Mr. Kellett received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Utah State University and MBA from Weber State University. Mr. Kellett received his certified public accountant license in 2012. He and his wife, Keely, have four children.

Chris Hellewell 2015 WebChris Hellewell
Director of Engineering

Chris Hellewell joined Spillman in 1997 as a software engineer. He joined the research and design department in 2000 as a software architect. Mr. Hellewell was instrumental in designing Spillman’s data exchange API. In 2003, he was promoted from Research and Design Department Manager to Vice President of Product Development. Mr. Hellewell graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and master’s degree in business administration from Brigham Young University. He has also earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the PMI institute. He and his wife, Nicole, have three children.

Joe Lunt 2015 WebJoe Lunt
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Joe Lunt joined Spillman in 2001 as a field sales representative. He was appointed Regional Sales Manager in 2003 and was later promoted to National Sales Manager in 2005. In 2006, he was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his management, Mr. Lunt has been integral to the company’s growth strategy and market expansion. His successes include facilitating a 265% increase in new customer sales, which earned Spillman national recognition from Inc. magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies from 2007-2013. He and his wife, Andrea, have four children.

Jeremy Raulinaitis 2015 WebJeremy Raulinaitis
Director of Customer Service

Jeremy Raulinaitis joined Spillman in 2003 as an account developer. While at Spillman, he has gained a strong dedication to customer satisfaction while working closely with Spillman clients and prospective customers in the sales, training, and installation departments. Mr. Raulinaitis earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in business administration from Utah State University. He and his wife, Danielle, have three children.

Tag Wybrow 2015 WebTag Wybrow
Director of New Business Development

Tag Wybrow joined Spillman in 1994 and has held many positions including product management, Project Manager, Product Management Manager, Millennium Sales Executive, and Account Sales Executive, Sr. In 2013, he was promoted to Vice President of New Business Development with responsibilities for creating and developing partnerships with competing companies to determine acquisition potential. Mr. Wybrow graduated Cum Laude from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in product management. He and his wife, Connie, have five children and 11 grandchildren.