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The Motorola Solutions Spillman Flex team works closely with organizations throughout the public safety industry in an effort to constantly improve our product offerings, stay abreast of trends in technology, and ensure our customers’ needs are being met.

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The mission of the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute is to apply industry expertise to assist justice agencies in the innovative use of advanced technologies to better share information in a way that benefits industry, the public sector, and society as a whole.


As a member company of the IJIS Institute, the Spillman Flex team works closely with law enforcement, public safety professionals, and other software vendors to help develop policies and create industry standards that improve and promote public safety information sharing.

Flex employees have served on and currently chair IPSTC (IJIS Public Safety Technical Standards Committee). The goal of IPSTC is to resolve common industry interface communication issues and simplify software standards in order to keep software costs low for end users.

Flex is currently represented on the NIBRS/N-DEx Advisory Committee, which works to improve national incident-based reporting systems, as well as the Emergency Communication Task Force under IPSTC. Today, IPSTC is working to standardize LiveScan interfaces. Flex employees are also involved with the Emerging Technologies committee, which addresses new technologies as they affect the public safety and justice industries.

Previously, the Flex team has helped IPSTC create functional specifications for RMS and CAD systems that agencies can refer to when creating an RFP. Flex team members have worked on this committee to complete a number of white papers to define industry standards:

  • Governance Agreements in Public Safety Information Sharing Projects
  • Data Sharing Between Computer Aided Dispatch Systems
  • Standardized Interfaces and Exchanges for Justice and Public Safety
  • NIEM Conformance for RFPs
  • Use Cases in Public Safety CAD-to-CAD Data Sharing

The Flex team also helped form the committee for Contractor Personnel Background Checks, which produced a white paper and is represented on the IJIS PSDI (Public Safety Data Interoperability) committee, which defines information-sharing standards for public safety agencies.

Other Industry Memberships & Involvement

Salt Lake Chamber

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

Spillman Flex is a proud member of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.