"Spillman Technologies spent the past 30 years focusing on providing innovative technology and excellent customer service. Now, as part of Motorola Solutions' Command Center Software suite, we are helping to redefine the experience from call to case closure for all public safety personnel, while keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer retention and referral rates. We really do bend over backwards for our customers because we see them as a part of the Spillman Flex family."

- McCoy Smith, Director, Customer Success - West Region

Chris Kamps of Vilas County Sheriff’s Office explains why her agency chose Spillman over other software vendors.

“They care about their customers. They give 110% to satisfy their customers.”

- Allen Kraeger, Waupaca County Sheriff 

Spillman’s customer service department helps put customers like Tammy Shires of Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office at ease with prompt, approachable support.

“In our biggest time of crisis, Spillman Technologies was there for us, not only with a reliable and redundant public safety software system, but with personal and professional customer service.”

- Shaun Golden, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office 

Allen Kraeger of Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office discusses how customer input is critical to Spillman’s success.

Brenda Nevins of Summerville PD explains how the searching capabilities in Spillman software are intuitive and easy to use.

“The sheriff and I discussed how we could improve on what we currently have for CAD and RMS and we decided we needed a system that provides everything. We considered officer safety one of our main priorities for a new system. Being able to receive critical information while in the car prior to contacting a person is a valuable asset.”

- Don Lanpher, Aberdeen Police Department 

Ryan Moore of Fort Wayne PD explains the value of true integration in public safety software.

Prairie County Sheriff’s Office switches from Swift Justice Public Safety Software to Spillman Nova for its intuitive and easy-to-use nature.

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Spillman’s robust querying capabilities help customers like Diana Steinburg of Natrona County Sheriff’s Department uncover hard-to-find names in databases.

“I especially like the feature of being able to access the system and actually type a report in my squad car. If I’m toward the end of my shift, I want to get my report done right away… I can just bring that up, type a few lines, and my report is done.”

- Steve O’Neil, Glendale Police Department 

“We’re able to create incident reports, including Clery reports, and manage all of our records in the same system… We wanted to consolidate all our records onto one database system, with the ability to access all of our information, as well as document all of our incident reports. As we conduct our investigations, we can go back and add in new information, documents, or photographs, and we can do it all on one system.”

- Anthony Pickard, BYU - Hawaii Security 

“We needed software that could streamline our operations. By using a central database, the Spillman software has eliminated multiple records entries, sped up our system, improved our workflow and made reporting easy and completely accurate. In addition, we can follow crimes on campus and response time to incidents, and track the outcome of each incident, which helps us fulfill state reporting requirements.”

- Nidal Kobaissi, Glendale Community College PD