From Swift to Nova Case Study

Prairie County Shifts from Swift Justice Public Safety Software to Spillman Nova

In May of 2014, Prairie County (Mont.) Sheriff Duncan Hedges made the decision to change the agency’s records management system (RMS) provider from Swift Justice to Spillman Technologies’ cloud-based product, Spillman Nova. Hedges said he first heard about Spillman Technologies almost 25 years ago while at another agency and was excited to bring Spillman’s innovation and support to the sheriff’s office.

Hedges said that ease-of-use was the main feature that helped Nova stand out from competitors. He said that Nova was intuitive and easy for his personnel to get used to.

“Swift is hard to understand unless you know all the hot keys,” Hedges said. “With Nova, there’s no need for hot keys; you just fill in the spots and if you don’t need one of the fields, you just move on to the next one. With Swift we had to wade through everything and if you hit the wrong key, you could lose all the data you just entered.”

The software isn’t the only thing that stood out to Sheriff Hedges and made him happy about his switch to Nova. Hedges values how Spillman Technologies focuses on building lifetime partnerships with customers through professional services and technical support. Spillman holds itself to a high customer service standard, and Hedges said Prairie County Sheriff’s Office has benefited from the company’s quick and personal response.

“Any time I need help or have a suggestion, they look into my suggestions and take my feedback,” Hedges said.

Additionally, Nova provides functional capabilities they never had, such as printing off automatically generated analytical graphs of agency data, Hedges said.

“Printing off the graphs is really helpful when working with budgets and such because the city likes to see those numbers,” Hedges said. “In Swift, you had to have someone go through by hand and get those numbers.”

Nova also allows the agency to easily download and attach multiple files to a record, something that Hedges said was one of the many things that was difficult to do in the agency’s previous system.

“I’m just in love with the [Nova] system,” Hedges said. “Swift stayed stagnant for so long, but Spillman has always been progressive and stayed with the times.”

Since its launch, Spillman Nova has helped more than 30 agencies nationwide upgrade their system to a simple, affordable and secure web-based solution.