Smaller public safety agencies looking for cloud software solutions may be interested in Spillman Nova, an integrated web-based solution for Records, CAD, JMS, and Civil Processes. Click here to learn more about Spillman Nova.

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Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Spillman has delivered innovative dispatch software and reliable services to communication centers across the country for more than 20 years. Our software is engineered to outfit your dispatch center with the responsive, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions you need to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations.

The more we found out about Spillman, the more we found out that they’ve already got the solution. [Spillman is a] tremendous package of overall tools that we didn’t have to try to get the CAD vendor to invent for us.

Mark Cvetnich, Director of Operations
Dickenson County 911 Ctr, VA
Customer for 5 years

Spillman’s dispatch solutions ensure that everyone at your center has the software they need to efficiently serve your community. Administrators, supervisors, and dispatchers, as well as IT and GIS professionals, will benefit from real-time, fully integrated data. We are proven leaders of robust CAD, Mapping & GIS, RMS, and Mobile Data software, seamlessly connecting vital organization data and freeing you up to do what it is that you do best: efficiently handle emergencies and improve the quality of life for your citizens.

Spillman also has a proven track record of successfully implementing shared, multi-agency dispatching systems, helping your community consolidate resources and save money. Our dispatch software seamlessly shares information with neighboring police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments, and correctional facilities for total public safety interoperability.

With more than 40 off-the-shelf modules to choose from, our software allows you to customize a system to meet your communication center’s individual needs while benefitting from off-the-shelf pricing.

Regular software upgrades and site licensing ensure that your software continues to serve you as a long-term investment. Spillman’s proven professional services assist you throughout every stage of purchasing, implementation, support, and ongoing training.

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