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Communication Center Dispatch (CAD) Software

For more information about how Spillman’s computer-aided dispatch software makes your job as a dispatcher easier, select from the module list at left for specific product descriptions.

Key Benefits:

Integrated Computer Aided Dispatch System

Manage calls for multiple jurisdictions using Spillman’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) module. From the command line, you can instantly query name, vehicle, property, and law incident records from the Law Records module, without exiting the status screen.  This integration allows you to generate full, cross-referenced law, fire, and EMS incident reports. Multiple screen capabilities allow you to easily handle calls from several agencies or jurisdictions. Real-time call updates, unit responses, and automatic alerts on wanted or missing persons are immediately accessible. Alerts and timers notify you of calls or unit activities that have stretched beyond a pre-determined time. You can also use Spillman’s CAD2CAD Interface to exchange call data with multiple dispatch centers that prefer to maintain separate Spillman or non-Spillman servers. For a custom quote, contact your Spillman account representative. 

Efficient Response

Determine which unit is closest to a call using the Quickest Route feature of the AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator) Mapping module. Quickest Route takes into account your local street network and recognizes barriers such as rivers, canyons, and limited-access highways. Response Plans provide you with a pre-determined list of response assignments and instructions for various incidents. You can store and retrieve floor plan, hazardous materials, and occupancy information about premises. Spillman’s ProQA® Interface automatically populates ProQA law, fire, and medical call data into Spillman’s dispatch software. Spillman’s Geographic Information System (GIS) allows you to access a full range of historical information about an address and time-saving features such as common place names, duplicate call alerts, and more. Voiceless CAD gives you access to critical call information from your laptop computer.

Interactive Mapping

Access visual information about an area, using Spillman’s CAD Mapping module. You can dispatch a unit to a call directly from the map by dragging and dropping the appropriate icons. By right-clicking on a call or unit symbol, you can retrieve detailed call information, and the map can be customized by adding layers such as street details, fire zones, and hyperlinks. Using Spillman’s E-911 Interface, you can view real-time locations of wireless and landline calls on a digital map.  When combined with the AVL Mapping module and a Global Positioning System (GPS), the location of all AVL-equipped units will be displayed on your CAD Map. Spillman’s Geographic Information System (GIS) software allows you to identify correct addresses, detect duplicate calls, and map address points.

Customizable Dispatcher Software

Configure the dispatch screen to meet your individual preferences. Spillman’s module gives you the option of working with a computer mouse or using a keyboard to operate from the command line. You can customize display-window size, column settings, toolbar buttons, and right-click commands. Map elements in Spillman’s CAD Mapping module can also be customized, including the color of street lines, map backgrounds, and street names.

NG9-1-1 Compliant CAD

Prepare for national Next Generation 9-1-1 technology using Spillman software. NG9-1-1 is being developed to give dispatchers the ability to receive, send, and archive text messages, videos, photos, and other forms of data. Spillman employees are helping to define standards for NG9-1-1, ensuring that the new system will be compatible with Spillman’s dispatch software. Through our support of NG9-1-1, Spillman users will have the ability to transmit a variety of call data including images, videos, and text messages.

For more information about how Spillman’s computer-aided dispatch software makes your job as a dispatcher easier, select from the module list at left for specific product descriptions.