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Corrections Command Staff Software

For more information about how Spillman’s jail software makes your job as command staff easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.

Key Benefits:

Informed Decisions

See at a glance whether your correctional facility is over-populated or under-populated using Spillman’s Jail Management module. You can compare inmate populations and track related trends to determine housing capacity, reducing disciplinary problems.  The information can be exported to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet and used to create analytical graphs. Spillman software allows you to easily access information about an inmate’s arrests or previous incarcerations, medical history, and more.

Return on Investment

With regular upgrades at no additional cost, your correctional facility will see a continual return on its investment. As a Spillman customer, you will receive upgrades every 12 to 18 months on average.  Spillman invests millions of dollars each year in research and design, and 80 percent of product enhancements are a result of customer requests. Additionally, Spillman follows a distinctive site license pricing model, contributing significantly to the long-term savings and value of the Spillman system.

Managing Resources

Use Spillman to better manage your jail’s resources and improve job satisfaction and retention recruitment. With Spillman’s Personnel Management module, you can track employees’ unique skills, such as language fluency and certifications. This allows you to identify unmet needs within your facility, recruit or train employees to fill them as needed, and ensure that existing employees remain current with training and certification requirements. The Employee Workload screen allows you to monitor the workload of each employee. In addition, Spillman’s system reliable, stabile system provides your employees with peace of mind.

Quick Reporting

Gathering data and running reports is simplified with Spillman. Spillman provides you with preformatted reports on jail capacity, visitation, arrests, and more. You can also easily create reports from any table, export reports to Microsoft Excel®, and print or save reports.

Seamless Integration

Spillman’s unique architecture and single-source database are designed to help you reduce duplicate entry while providing you with the most accurate data possible. All records created in the Spillman system are stored in the system’s Integrated Hub, where they can be instantly accessed from all other system modules. For example, personnel booking an inmate are prompted to search for an existing name record before creating a new inmate record, eliminating the chance of creating duplicate records. Inter-agency integration also allows you too send and receive secure messages with dispatch personnel, investigators, police officers, and others using your shared Spillman server.

For more information about how Spillman’s jail software makes your job as command staff easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.