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Success Story: Citations interface bolsters agency's efficiency

Surprise Police Department, Ariz.
Customer Since: June 2003
Submitted by: Kim Ukish, Spillman Administrator

The Surprise Police Department is using Spillman’s XML Citations interface to increase citation efficiency and officer safety.

Hand-writing a citation used to take officers an average of 15 minutes, said Surprise Police Department Spillman Administrator Kim Ukish. Using the XML Citation interface, an officer can now issue a citation in an average of two minutes. As a result, the number of citations issued by the department increased from 11,143 in 2007 to 18,114 in 2009. Since adopting the interface three years ago, the agency has seen a 67 percent increase in citations issued and a $2.8 million increase in citations revenue.

The interface is even helping officers break records. One Surprise Police Department officer issued 104 citations in one day with the XML Citation interface – breaking both the agency’s record and the noteable record for the most citations given by one officer in a single day. The same officer increased the number of citations he issued per year from 734 in 2007 to 2,500 in 2009.