Since its inception in 1978, Spillman Technologies has focused on developing reliable software solutions for public safety. In 2014, Spillman introduced a cloud-based product that offered innovations in records management to the private security market as well. From its first public safety software package released in 1983 to its latest offerings in the private security industry, helping agencies create safer communities has remained at the heart of Spillman. No matter the market, Spillman is known for industry-leading customer support and a commitment to reliable innovation.

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Public Safety

Spillman has provided fully integrated software to public safety agencies across the nation for more than 30 years. From records management (RMS) to computer-aided dispatch (CAD) to jail management software (JMS) and more, Spillman’s Flex and Nova products help public safety personnel in any role and at agencies of all sizes work safely and efficiently.

Private Security

With its web-based software solution, Ally, Spillman provides private security entities with a reliable records software system. Ally supplies personnel with the integrated records management, dispatch, and analytical reporting capabilities they need to do their jobs efficiently.

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Spillman understands the value of effective communication between law enforcement and the community. That is why Spillman provides public safety officials and citizens with mobile apps and reporting and analytics software that enable citizens to take an active role in keeping their communities safe.