Spillman understands the importance of clear and effective communication between public safety agencies and the communities they serve, which is why we have expanded our offerings to include community safety technology for the public. These products help foster a consistent, open channel of communication and transparency between private citizens and their local law enforcement.

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App-Based Citizen Reporting and Alerts

CommunityConnect is a free mobile app that allows citizens to report non-emergency incidents, such as stolen property or vandalism, to local participating law enforcement agencies either anonymously or by creating a personal profile. Agencies can maximize personnel efficiency by determining the urgency of each non-emergency report and then scheduling the appropriate response. Using the app also increases efficiency for emergency dispatchers, who can focus their efforts on more urgent incoming calls. In addition, the app enables citizens to easily provide agency personnel with resources that may aid in responding to reported incidents, such as photos, video clips, and accurate location data captured using built-in GPS technology.

Agencies can also use the CommunityConnect app to alert citizens of emergency situations such as an active shooter, Amber Alert, or severe weather conditions, allowing personnel to quickly disseminate information without tying up dispatch resources.

Community Crime Mapping

CrimeMonitor is an online crime map and analytics dashboard that facilitates the sharing of crime data from an agency’s Spillman Flex system with the public. This helps to promote general awareness of community safety and strengthen the relationship between an agency and the community. The platform is accessible to the public through the participating agency’s website or by visiting Using this portal, community members can easily view and analyze data on nearby crime activity plotted on an interactive, easy-to-use map and analytics dashboard. This community safety software also provides citizens with the ability to sign up for crime alert emails and easily submit anonymous tips on crime activity.

CrimeMonitor offers industry-leading integration with an agency’s records management system (RMS), making it simple to share agency-controlled crime data with the public. The agency can choose to publish all incidents or only the incidents they wish to share, and all displayed data is shown with fields of limited offense information to protect victim privacy.