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Mobile Police Patrol Software

Previously, dispatchers were [field personnel’s] only source of information.Now with Mobile, they can have that information in their vehicle at their fingertips.

Kim Moore, Public Safety Systems Administrator
Tompkins Co Sheriffs Dept, NY
Customer for 5 years

For more information about how Spillman’s mobile software makes your job in the patrol division easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.

Key Benefits:

Field Reporting

Spillman’s automated field reporting and mobile office modules give you the ability to quickly complete reports, forms, and narratives from your vehicle, eliminating the need to return to the office to fill out paperwork. You can pre-fill forms by scanning a driver license bar code or magnetic strip, or use data captured with Spillman’s Mobile State & National Queries module. Data can be entered from a drop-down list, saving you time and helping to prevent incorrectly typed entries. Spillman allows you complete law, accident, and citation forms from the field, as well as narratives from field interviews. With a single click of the “Save” button, form information is stored in the Spillman Records Management system and can be electronically routed for approval.

Mobile Data

Easily access system data using Spillman’s Mobile Records module. You can search for images and name, vehicle, incident, and property information – in addition to more than 20 other system tables - without leaving the vehicle or requesting dispatch assistance. You can also access related records through Spillman Involvements®, which link system data and provide you with critical background information. Spillman’s Mobile State & National Queries module enables you to simultaneously search state and local databases. Using Spillman’s Driver License Scanning module, you can automatically populate search screens with the driver’s name, date of birth, address, physical description, and driver license identification number, and with just one search automatically query multiple local databases as well as state and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases for information. You can also access data away from a traditional workstation or laptop computer using Spillman Touch™. Using a digital device, the Spillman Touch module enables you to search for name, vehicle, property, and incident records and see related alerts and warnings.  You can use the module to review dispatch assignments while on motorcycle or bicycle patrol and search and retrieve records during a field interview.

Real-time Communication

Maintain constant communication with dispatchers and other patrol officers with Spillman. Using the Mobile Voiceless CAD module, you can view calls in real time as dispatchers receive them, allowing you to receive call assignments faster and respond more quickly. You can also update unit and call status, view address and radio log history information, and view active CAD call details. Spillman’s Mobile Messenger allows you to receive messages, including alerts, search returns, supervisor approvals, and report assignments. You can also view a summary of local, state, and InSight returns, as well as messages with alerts or marked with high importance. The Instant Messaging feature allows you to chat in real-time with other personnel and see who is online, offline, and busy. You can also view CAD call information such as active calls, the nature of the call, address, and any assigned units using the Spillman Touch application. You can view call comments, which can be set to refresh periodically, and enter your own comments from your mobile device.

Safe, Efficient Patrolling

Designed for easy navigation, Spillman’s Mobile software has enlarged icons and field officer- friendly features. Be On the Lookout (BOLO) and Attempt to Locate (ATL) notices can be programmed to scroll along the bottom of the screen until they expire or are deleted by a supervisor. You can also view warnings and alerts from a mobile digital device using the Spillman Touch module. In Spillman’s Voiceless CAD module, calls listed on the screen turn red after a pre-determined response time elapses, helping you ensure that calls are responded to in a timely manner. Spillman’s Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) Mapping module enables the location of police units to be tracked on a CAD map, ensuring that dispatch knows where each unit is at all times. Integration with Google Earth™ allows you to replay, review, and evaluate vehicle routes. Using the Quickest Route feature in the AVL Mapping module, dispatchers can accurately calculate the total drive time to reach a call, taking into account your department’s local street network while recognizing geographic barriers.

For more information about how Spillman’s mobile software makes your job in the patrol division easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.