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Police Database Records Software

For more information about how Spillman’s police records management software makes your job easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.

Key Benefits:

Police Database Integrity

Spillman maintains data integrity and eliminates accidental duplicate entry by organizing information into master tables that are shared throughout all system modules. Because the system’s core is a single-source database, you only need to enter information once. You will be prompted to search for a record before entering any data into the system, establishing a clean database and preventing duplicate entry. Spillman’s Law Records with UCR/IBR module works with Spillman’s Computer-Aided Dispatch module, enabling the software to automatically link appropriate information from CAD calls to related incidents, ensuring rapid, consistent data entry.

Efficient Records Management Software Reporting

Generate reports for crime analysis, presentation, and archiving using Spillman’s Law Records module. Spillman provides thousands of preformatted reports to help document law enforcement activities and transmit statistical reports to federal and state crime statistics databases such as the Uniformed Crime Reporting Program and the National Incident-Based Reporting System.

Quick Searching

Quickly retrieve data from your agency’s database and databases outside your jurisdiction using Spillman records software. Spillman’s Law Records module gives you the powerful ability to search from any field on any screen, as well as perform wild-card and sounds-like searches. The police records software automatically creates links of related Involvements® and Visual Involvements® making you aware of relationships between information to conduct thorough investigations and make timely, informed decisions. Using Spillman InSight, you can query databases outside your jurisdiction in real time, even databases that use disparate software systems.

Paperless Police Records Management System

Spillman allows you to store and organize information electronically. Related files, images, sound waves, and other supplemental documents can be attached to records to maintain comprehensive information in one location.

Dissemination Tracking

Conveniently track information that has been disseminated to the public, press, insurers, and attorneys using Spillman’s police records management system. Ensure that sensitive information is not released to unauthorized parties. Using Spillman, you can see which record was sent, the names of the sender and the recipient, why the information was sent, and when it was disseminated.

Automated Workflow Approvals

Monitor the approval status of reports using Spillman’s Workflow Approval Management feature. You can assign and track the status of reports from any module within the Spillman system, and view the status history of a record. Spillman allows you to customize the approval process for your agency’s unique procedures and regulations.

For more information about how Spillman’s police records management software makes your job easier, select from the module list at the left for specific product descriptions.