Spillman Technologies provides customers with cutting-edge, reliable software solutions to meet a variety of needs across both the public and private sectors, backed by the highest standard of customer service and technical support. Spillman devotes millions of dollars annually to product innovation and design and maintains the philosophy that customer needs are central to the direction of the products. From on-premises software systems to cloud-based platforms to mobile apps, the company has focused on helping customers nationwide create safer communities while remaining on the forefront of technology for more than 30 years.

Smart Public Safety Solutions

Flex is Spillman’s on-premises public safety product, which is built around a central Integrated Hub. The system can be customized with more than 50 modules to accomplish tasks such as records management (RMS), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), jail management (JMS), as well as advanced searching, reporting, and analytics. A single Flex system supports multi-jurisdictional settings and provides an excellent venue for data sharing. Click here to learn more.

Nova is a cloud-based solution that offers public safety and private security agencies cutting-edge, scalable, affordable software for records, dispatch, and jail management. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Nova provides smaller organizations with affordable data access on any device with an Internet connection, without the hassle of maintaining servers or updating software. Click here to learn more.

Ally is a cloud-based, SaaS product that offers private security agencies the advanced records management and dispatch tools needed to serve their clientele efficiently. With functionality similar to Spillman’s Nova product, Ally provides affordable, maintenance-free technology that can be accessed using any web-enabled device. Click here to learn more.

CommunityConnect is a mobile app designed to promote open and efficient communication between community members and their local public safety agencies. Once citizens have downloaded CommunityConnect, participating agencies can send emergency alerts directly to their mobile devices. Community members can also use CommunityConnect to submit non-emergency incident reports and anonymous tips to their local agencies, allowing personnel to maximize efficiency by prioritizing and scheduling responses accordingly. Click here to learn more.