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Spillman Ally is a web-based, hosted software solution that provides cutting-edge records management and dispatch technology for private security agencies. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Ally provides security personnel with complete access to their data on any device with a web browser and internet connection, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This method benefits customers by eliminating the burden of purchasing equipment and maintaining databases, while offering affordable, subscription-based pricing that can be scaled to fit customer needs.

What Can Ally Do?

Ally provides private security personnel with cost-effective access to a world-class software experience in the cloud with integrated records, dispatch, mapping, and analytics solutions. The web-based software offers full data integration, arming security personnel with critical background information on locations, vehicles, and more. Customers can also use the Ally private security software to identify relationships between data as well as attach files to any record, including images, audio files, video files, PDFs, and Microsoft Word and Excel files.

Ally’s online Records Management System (RMS) enables personnel to make better use of the information they collect by storing all agency data in one centralized database. Master files such as name, vehicle, and premises records can be easily connected to one another and to incident-based records such as break-ins or larceny. All data can be easily searched and filtered, allowing personnel to quickly locate needed information. Administrative personnel can also use Ally to manage which users and groups are able to view, edit, and add new records. Ally’s user-friendly design allows personnel to easily navigate through the various screens, even if they are new to web-based private security software systems.

What Advantages Does Ally Provide?

Some private security agencies may worry that investing in an electronic records management system will be too difficult on a limited budget. Ally features simple subscription-based pricing and eliminates the need for customers to purchase and install expensive software and hardware. Unlike a traditional RMS, this cost-effective private security SaaS product offers free and frequent upgrades, allowing customers to remain on the cutting-edge of technology without having to continually purchase new versions of software. All data is securely hosted offsite by Spillman, minimizing costs and eliminating the need for the agency to maintain IT personnel on staff.

Ally also gives security administrators the ability to easily view, manage and analyze productivity and performance, helping them ensure that their teams are maintaining the level of effectiveness expected by clients and employers.

Learning a new software system can seem daunting, especially for personnel with little or no computer experience. That is why Spillman designed Ally for users with no previous software experience. No extensive training is required and personnel can begin using Ally immediately upon activation. Free online help resources are also available for customers to access. Private security agencies using Ally can rely on Spillman’s reputation for quality and stability, and the intuitive private security software is regularly updated with input from customers.


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