CommunityConnect is a public-facing native app designed to facilitate open and efficient communication between public safety agencies and the community members they serve. After installing the app on a smartphone or tablet, citizens can create a profile and receive emergency alerts distributed by local, participating public safety agencies. CommunityConnect also provides community members with a convenient way to submit non-emergency calls for service to participating agencies, as well as anonymous tips. Citizens can opt to use a web portal to access CommunityConnect functionality as an alternative to downloading the app to a mobile device.

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Emergency Alerts

The rapid dissemination of information in an emergency can be the difference between life and death for citizens. CommunityConnect allows public safety agencies to provide citizens with vital information by sending alerts directly to their mobile devices regarding emergencies such as an active shooter, severe weather conditions, missing or endangered persons, and even traffic conditions and road closures. These police alerts help ensure that community members remain informed throughout the course of an incident without needing to call in to the agency or dispatch center for updates.

Non-Emergency Incident Reporting

The CommunityConnect app enables members of the community to easily submit requests for service and incident reports to participating agencies for non-emergency situations such as vandalism or stolen property. Incident reports can be sent either anonymously or by creating a personal profile within the app or through an online portal. This maximizes efficiency by allowing agency personnel to determine the urgency of each non-emergency report, schedule the necessary response, and maintain convenient and ongoing communication with individual citizens. In addition, a single officer can review incoming incident reports, assign urgency to each incident, and coordinate appropriate action, allowing field officers to then respond to less urgent calls as time permits. CommunityConnect can also help increase efficiency for emergency dispatchers by freeing up 9-1-1 lines for more urgent incoming calls.

The public can easily provide law enforcement personnel with additional resources when reporting an incident through the CommunityConnect app. Citizens can attach and submit photos and video clips captured with their mobile device along with an incident report, giving responding officers additional insight to incident details. The police reporting app also records geolocation data with each submitted incident, so personnel can rely on detailed and accurate address information when responding to any calls for service.