Police Software Advantages

For more than three decades, Spillman Flex has been a leader in the public safety software industry because we understand that law enforcement personnel need more out of their software than simply a way to store records. Spillman Flex offers agencies across the nation on-premises software advantages that ensure a positive return on investment. From superior software integration to unrivaled customer service, Flex provides agencies with the powerful tools needed to serve and protect their communities.

Spillman Flex is a part of Motorola Solutions’ end to end Command Center Software Suite. Learn more about Motorola Solutions Command Center Software and how Motorola Solutions can streamline workflows by helping agencies work more efficiently from call to case closure. Watch the video below.

Click on the links below to discover how Flex delivers the software advantages that have helped Spillman build long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

  • Discover how true integration can provide agencies with improved efficiency.
  • Learn how Spillman delivers multi-jurisdictional capabilities to agencies across the nation.
  • Read about Flex site licensing and how it improves an agency’s return on investment.
  • Find out about how Spillman’s services benefit agencies now and for years to come.
  • Discover how Spillman’s Learning Management System and the continual training opportunities it offers
  For information about the advantages of Nova, Spillman’s cloud-based solution, click here.