Software Integration

Spillman’s status as a leading nationwide public safety software vendor is a direct result of offering a comprehensive, integrated suite of software modules that suit each division of police, sheriff, communications, fire, and correctional agencies. The Flex product is unrivaled in its robust software integration and data integrity. With more than 60 interconnected modules, customers receive products engineered for optimal integration and customization, while still benefiting from off-the-shelf pricing. More than 1,900 Spillman customers nationwide have customized an integrated Spillman system from available modules, including CAD, RMS, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Crime Analysis & CompStat, JMS, Fire, Data Sharing, and Personnel & Resources.
True software integration allows public safety agencies to quickly access up-to-date, critical information during the moments that matter.

Real-Time Data

Flex’s integrated Hub offers completely integrated, real-time data to every division. From command staff to the records division, dispatch to investigations, and patrol to evidence, the software helps public safety professionals throughout agency departments work safely and efficiently. Spillman’s sheriff and police software integration seamlessly connects vital department data and frees personnel to do what it is they do best: enforce the law and improve the quality of life for their citizens.

Single Source Database

The Integrated Hub streamlines information flow and automates data population throughout each system module. Because Spillman’s unique architecture is specifically designed for live data sharing, personnel can respond to calls and protect the community knowing they are working with the most accurate data. This system also helps reduce the possibility of duplicate data entry and ensures data is accurate. Spillman’s quick data access, mobile communication, and computer-aided dispatching allow personnel to reduce response time within their agency. Agencies do not have to purchase additional interfaces with an integrated system because all core modules are already connected. In addition, Spillman’s sheriff and police software integration allows users to benefit from a single vendor with a single license agreement, rather than maintaining contracts for each vendor. This setup not only provides agencies with the most advanced integration, but also simplifies the support and system maintenance process and helps agency administration focus on serving and protecting their community.

Searching Capabilities

The fully integrated Hub is designed to provide for seamless data exchange between all agency divisions, and Spillman’s unsurpassed search capabilities allow information to be accessed from virtually anywhere in the system. The integrated Hub allows personnel to search multiple record sources at once to receive detailed information on vehicles, persons, or property. Having access to such a wide range of information helps all departments work together to investigate and solve cases. Police Software Workflow
As a single vendor with a centralized database for all core components, Spillman designs every module to share identical information, seamlessly. All records added to the database are stored in one, single location and shared throughout all system modules.