Learning Management System (LMS)

Onsite public safety software training is a great way to learn the basics of a new system, but agencies may worry about what type of training they need after implementation, as the software is updated, and as they purchase new modules. Spillman’s LMS provides customers with an affordable way to continue and expand upon their software training at a time and place that is convenient for their personnel. The module exists as a web-based platform, allowing agency personnel to log in using any device with an internet connection and web browser, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This built-in mobility provides each person with a flexible, ongoing learning experience that fits into their own schedule.

The Spillman LMS provides agencies with access to affordable, efficient training options for their personnel. Watch the video to see the web-based platform in action.

Continually Growing Catalog of Courses

Public safety technology is constantly evolving and improving, so public safety software training must be an ongoing process. The Spillman LMS helps agencies achieve this continual learning and growth through a constantly expanding range of available courses. New courses on various Spillman products, processes, and updates are added to the LMS every two weeks, ensuring that customers always have access to the information they need to use the software effectively. Agency administrators have the ability to assign coursework to their personnel and then view whether each course has been completed. This creates an environment of individual responsibility for training among personnel and ensures that everyone is receiving the training they need.

Catered to Multiple Learning Styles

Everyone learns and retains information in their own way, so training methods that work well for some learners may prove less effective for others. The LMS is built to appeal to many styles of learning by providing information in a variety of ways. Each course in the LMS can feature any combination of written material, images, videos, practical exercises, and assessment questions. The individual-based nature of the LMS software allows personnel to work through the courses at their own pace. Learners can also go back to review material in previously finished courses, if needed.

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