Site Licensing

Software licensing is an important factor to consider for any agency looking to change its software provider. The way a license agreement is structured directly affects how an agency inputs, accesses, and manages data. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, agency administrators must make sure they are receiving a positive return on their software investment.

Unrestricted Access

Most Flex software modules are sold as a single site license agreement rather than individual user licenses, offering the greatest flexibility to public safety agencies. This agency-wide license model contributes significantly to both the immediate and long-term savings and value of the system by allowing agencies to have an unlimited number of users on core components of the software, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management software (RMS), and more. Site licensing minimizes end user frustration because there are no restrictions to information access, with the exception of predefined user privileges. In emergency situations, an unlimited number of users are able to respond in a timely and appropriate manner with all of the system’s resources at their disposal.

Room to Grow

Instead of adding new software agreements for each additional user on the system, administrators can focus on more important tasks like training new users, which creates a more efficient process for agency personnel. With an agency-wide license, administrators continue to see a return on their investment because there are no ongoing per-user fees or price increases. This naturally supports the growing needs of an agency and facilitates safe response to emergencies, all without the need for any future budgeting considerations.