Spillman Flex Fire and EMS Software

Spillman Flex’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) software is designed and engineered for optimal data sharing and mobile communication. As a result, first responders have access to complete information from the beginning of a call to its completion. This advanced fire software system allows personnel to respond to emergencies as safely and efficiently as possible.

Mobile Records and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Having as much information as possible when responding to an emergency is imperative. Spillman Flex’s Fire Mobile solutions enable firefighters and other first responders to access mission-critical information in real time while responding to a call. Fire and EMS personnel can maintain constant contact with dispatchers and department personnel while freeing up radio frequencies for high-priority calls using the Flex Fire Mobile CAD screen. Additionally, the Flex system enables users to view premises and hazmat information, previous fire incidents, alerts, weather information, and quickest routes using an integrated map with a touch screen and voiceless CAD capabilities.

The Fire Mobile CAD module allows personnel to view the nature of the call, location, assigned units, and the color-coded status of the primary assigned unit.

Efficient Response and Emergency Preparation

With the Flex fire software system, public safety organizations can easily define the agencies and units that will best respond to a law, fire, or EMS call at a specified alarm level. Agencies can use Flex’s integration tools to prepare well-defined response plans that include personnel and resource recommendations, instructions, and guidelines for any call type or location within a jurisdiction.

Rapid Notification

In an emergency situation, first responders do not have time to wait around for the most up-to-date information. With Spillman Flex’s integrated Rapid Notification module, agencies have access to real-time incident information on their cell phones, emails, fax machines, printers, pagers, or any other device that receives text-based messages.

Personnel using the Fire Mobile AVL Mapping module can easily view the fastest route to the location of a call with Quickest Route feature, as well as turn-by-turn directions.

Emergency Reporting System (ERS) Interface

With the Flex ERS interface, agencies can efficiently complete reports and transfer information in more than 40 fields from the Flex CAD module into the ERS fire reporting software and EMS reporting and records management system, in near real time. The ERS interface allows agencies to manage all National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and EMS incident reporting, scheduling, training, hydrant maintenance, reports, hydrant maintenance, and personnel requirements, from any internet browser.

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