Spillman Flex Corrections Management System (JMS)

Spillman Flex’s Jail Management System is designed to automate an agency’s corrections processes from start to finish, ensuring that all data entry is done as efficiently as possible. The system guides personnel step-by-step through the agency’s booking process and helps manage inmate admission. With the Flex JMS module, corrections statistics are available at a glance, allowing personnel to identify trends in incidents occurring within the facility. This information can help create a safer environment for both officers and inmates.

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Complete Integration

Corrections personnel rely on inmate records to gain a full understanding of an inmate’s situation, both past and present. With Flex’s truly integrated system, personnel have access to an inmate’s complete history, including all information from the law enforcement agency’s Records Management System (RMS). Jail records can include important data such as name information, property taken/issued, medical conditions and risk assessments. This data is useful to not only corrections personnel, but also those in police departments, sheriff’s offices, and other law enforcement settings, making complete integration between systems invaluable.

The Jail Management module helps streamline inmate booking with simple, step-by-step functions and seamless integration with the Flex RMS.


Spillman knows that it is important for users to be able to intuitively navigate their jail management software. The Booking Checklist feature walks users step-by-step through the agency’s booking process, allowing multiple people to participate in the process while reducing the potential for error or missed steps. Personnel can also manage critical inmate details and inter-department communication efficiently using Inmate Flags and the Keep Separate feature, which displays an on-screen warning if a security restriction will be violated by moving certain inmates.

Corrections personnel can use the Jail Management module to quickly manage data such as inmate names and locations, court appearances, medical information, alerts, and more.


Instead of forcing a user to toggle back and forth between programs, Flex’s jail management software gives personnel quick access to inmate photos throughout the system. It also provides a quick and easy way to generate lineups, eliminating the need to print and manually assemble photographs.


Keeping data entry consistent is vital in maintaining accurate jail records. Spillman’s JMS allows for consistent inmate processing by giving personnel the power to customize software settings and defaults to meet their agency’s individual needs. These include customizing the booking workflow and decision tree-based assessment feature that progressively determines questions based on an inmate’s answer. These customizable features allow users to create and maintain multiple assessments.

Searching & Reporting

Because reporting is an integral part of using any database, Spillman makes pulling statistics for reports easy with the Flex Jail Management module. However, the main reporting advantage is the module’s ability to search each and every field within any jail screen. Search results can be filtered and grouped to produce quick, on-the-fly ad hoc reports. For example, agencies can save time and resources when creating a State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) or Demographic Summary Report because the information needed, such as gender, race, and age, is all filed away within the jail records and is easy to search.

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Spillman customers Josh Rodri of La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, CO, and Corporal Chris Sharp of Chelan County Regional Jail, WA, share how Flex’s seamless integration of jail records increases efficiency for their agencies and those they work with.