Spillman Flex Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology plays a vital role in effective public safety and is a central component of every Flex system. Powerful mapping software provides personnel with the tools needed to quickly and accurately identify correct addresses, detect duplicate calls, map address points, and conduct location-based searches.

Efficient Map Configuration with Esri

Flex GIS software allows personnel to save valuable time by connecting directly to an Esri ArcGIS server, eliminating the need to load a map into the database. This partnership with Esri also allows Spillman to remain current with the latest developments in mapping technology. Agency personnel can be confident that their Flex software will allow them to take advantage of the latest Esri offerings, such as network analysis, web-based mapping, and more.

Personnel can use the Pin Mapping module to to plot any incident data with a confirmed address on a pin map. Using an interactive map, users can right-click on an item to view information regarding that incident.

Improved Accuracy

Geocoding, or address validation, gives personnel access to a layered electronic map of their jurisdiction that contains detailed street and address information. The Flex geographic information system allows personnel to find an address using a variety of search criteria. Even without knowing the exact address, personnel can find a location by entering the x- and y-coordinates, an intersection name, or a common place name into the Flex system.

Dispatch-Friendly Features

Flex’s GIS technology is fully integrated into the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and CAD Mapping modules, offering dispatchers a variety of user-friendly features. Once an address is entered into a Flex CAD screen, all associated alerts, hazards, names, and previous calls at that particular address are immediately available. The Flex GIS software assigns a call to the proper zone and automatically routes it to the correct dispatcher who, using the CAD Mapping module, can view calls and police units on a jurisdictional map and easily dispatch the unit closest to the call location.

The CAD Mapping module allows dispatchers to easily view call and unit locations in real time on an interactive map. Dispatchers can also drag and drop a unit symbol over a call symbol, or vice versa, to quickly dispatch the unit to the call.

Increased Officer Safety

The Flex police geographic information system offers automatic notifications on warrants, alerts, and past criminal incidents associated with a particular address. This increases officer safety by giving personnel a better idea  of what situations and dangers they may encounter while responding to a call and allowing them to prepare accordingly.

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