Spillman Flex Mobile Software

Spillman Flex’s mobile software solutions are designed to bring the benefits of full-system integration to personnel in the field. By using the Flex Mobile suite of modules for laptops or the Spillman Touch® app on tablets and smartphones, personnel can access agency records, follow Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) activity, and even file reports from the field. These mobile capabilities help to increase visibility within the community and shorten call response time.

Relevant Information

With the Flex Mobile suite, police and sheriff field personnel have immediate access to dispatch activity, which allows them to begin responding to an emergency situation even before dispatch has finished taking the call. The Mobile products provide relevant and constantly updated information on the address of the call, nearby units, quickest routes, and any alerts on the location or people involved. This rapid dissemination of information is vital to keeping both officers and community members safe.

Investigative Information

Once field personnel have arrived on the scene and assessed the situation, their focus shifts from emergency response to investigation. Spillman’s mobile dispatch software provides responders with access to all critical information from a single, centralized database, such as dispatch data, jail records, images, vehicle information, incidents, and more. Access to this information allows field personnel to quickly view any existing alerts or notifications on records when running driver licenses and vehicle information, helping them make informed decisions.

Using the Mobile Records module, field units can access agency data with speed and flexibility. With a single query, users can search for names, vehicles, incidents, property, and wanted persons.

Field Reporting on any Device

It is crucial that agency personnel capture the most complete and accurate information possible while at the scene of an incident. Spillman’s mobile police software provides personnel with remote access to the forms and templates needed to gather data efficiently and accurately. Using this police field reporting software, officers can create and submit incident reports in their mobile units while the details are still fresh instead of returning to the station. All data is then saved within the centralized database and immediately made available to other users. This feature allows officers to spend more time out in the community and less time at a desk. Using Flex Mobile software from a patrol vehicle, or Spillman Touch software from a smartphone or tablet, public safety personnel can have unparalleled access to critical data when and where they need it most.

Customer-Driven Design

Every community presents unique needs and challenges for the public safety agency tasked with protecting it, so every agency needs technology that will meet its individual needs effectively. Flex Mobile was developed to support a wide variety of user needs with a simple, intuitive system that is easy to navigate. Input and suggestions from actual Spillman users have helped shape the mobile system into the most effective tool for police and sheriff personnel to utilize while serving in the field.

The Flex Mobile suite provides personnel with a constant connection to agency data while on patrol, giving users easy access to any important updates or alerts while out in the field.

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Spillman customers Julie Murie of Cottonwood Police Department, AZ, Sergeant Mark Freeman of Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, SC, and Field Sergeant Mike Worden of Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, WA, explain the benefits the Flex mobile software provides for their respective agencies.