Spillman Flex Records Management (RMS)

Spillman Flex’s RMS suite is specifically designed and engineered for true system integration. As a result, the database streamlines data entry, allowing all agency departments to utilize the most up-to-date information.

For information about our web-based RMS software for smaller agencies, Spillman Nova, click here.

Centralized, Single-Source Database

For many agencies, using multiple systems that do not wholly communicate for records management can result in an incomplete picture during investigations or reporting processes. The Spillman Flex sheriff and police database software promotes confidence that when a record, such as a name, incident, property, or vehicle, is queried, the latest and most relevant information is available. This provides agencies with the most complete information across several different software tables. As a single vendor for all core components, Spillman gives agencies the ability to customize police RMS software that fits their individual needs. And, because all information is coming from one central database, full integration reduces the need to enter data multiple times in multiple programs, thus reducing user error and making records management more efficient.

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Flex’s centralized database allows personnel to view all related data in one place, including potentially critical information such as alerts and warnings.

Searching and Reporting

When agencies do not have the capability to efficiently search for and report on records, all department processes are affected. In order to meet the challenges of complex data entry and extraction, inaccurate data, and poor system performance, a sheriff or police RMS must provide powerful searching and reporting capabilities. With Spillman Flex’s powerful searching tools, agencies can search on any field within the system in order to find data when it is needed. Flex provides hundreds of preformatted reports to help agencies document law enforcement activities, while advanced reporting tools allow agencies to meet specific state reporting guidelines, which include UCR, IBR, and NIBRS. The Flex system enables agencies to transmit statistical reports to both federal and state crime statistics databases and reporting capabilities allow agencies to query and disseminate information to anyone within an organization.


The Flex RMS allows personnel to create and view relationships between related records, including names, vehicles, incidents, property, and more. These connections also enable users to view related flags and warnings on associated records, keeping personnel apprised of potentially dangerous situations in the field.

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Spillman’s unique Involvements® feature links related records and other key pieces of information, providing users with a detailed history for each record.

Crime Analysis

While effective data entry is of extreme importance, the purpose of police RMS software is incomplete if agencies cannot effectively and easily use data once it is collected. Flex allows agencies to analyze and use the data in their system for Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) initiatives, helping agencies make proactive decisions on managing resources. Through enhanced searching, pin mapping, and analytics tools, users from all roles at the agency can use the data to their community’s greatest benefit.

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True software integration allows public safety agencies to quickly access up-to-date, critical information during the moments that matter.