Cloud-Based Software Advantages

Spillman Nova is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, web-based Records Management System (RMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Jail Management System (JMS) designed to help smaller agencies manage critical public safety data. Nova has been specifically designed to help agencies improve community safety and increase efficiency while minimizing costs to the community. The system is backed by Spillman’s 30-year reputation for reliable public safety software. For information about the advantages of Flex, Spillman’s on-premises solution, click here.


Smaller agencies often worry that investing in an electronic records management system will be too difficult on a limited budget. Nova is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) records management system that features simple subscription pricing and eliminates the need for agencies to purchase and install expensive software and hardware. Unlike a traditional RMS, this cost-effective police software offers free and frequent upgrades, allowing agencies to remain on the cutting-edge of technology without having to continually purchase new versions of software. All agency data is securely hosted offsite by Spillman, minimizing costs and eliminating the need for the agency to maintain IT personnel on staff.

Increased Officer and Community Safety

Many agencies struggle to provide real-time, accurate information to officers in the field. Nova gives field officers the information they need to make educated decisions without relying solely on radio communication or returning to headquarters. Personnel can access agency data from any web-enabled laptop, smartphone, or tablet and complete reports and interviews while in the field. This enables field officers to stay out serving the community, rather than constantly making trips back to the office. The mobile nature of Nova also helps law enforcement remain alert to any potentially dangerous situation or person. Officers can use Nova to view name, vehicle, property, incident, arrest, and other types of records in the field. Warnings connected to these records alert field officers if they are dealing with someone who has a prior history of violence. Nova also uses Spillman’s innovative Involvements® feature, which enables personnel to identify relationships between data, such as name and arrest records. The Involvements feature advances investigations and improves officer safety by giving personnel critical information at the scene of an incident.

Improved Data Accuracy

Maintaining a database of clean records and accurate information can be a struggle for many public safety agencies. Nova helps keep agency data accurate and consistent by providing drop-down menus where practical. For example, rather than type in a suspect’s eye color, users can select an option from a predefined list. Nova also verifies addresses as they are entered, making sure they are correct and complete. By prompting users to search for existing records before a new one can be entered, the Nova system helps agencies reduce the possibility of duplicate records. This helps maintain agency data standards and simplifies the completion of federal and state reports.

Ready-to-Use System

Learning a new software system can seem daunting, especially for those with little or no computer experience. Nova is designed for public safety personnel with no previous software experience. No extensive training is required, and personnel can begin using it immediately upon activation. The intuitive, cost-effective police software was created and is regularly updated with input from public safety agencies, and free online help resources are available to users.

A Reliable Partner

Agencies need to know that the public safety software vendor they choose offers the support and services they need. Working with Nova allows communities to benefit from a longstanding history of reliability in the public safety field. Spillman has spent more than 30 years developing effective and reliable public safety software and devotes millions of dollars annually to researching and developing ways to continually improve software offerings. Agencies that choose Nova can rely on Spillman’s reputation for quality and stability.